How to Choose the Right Boots

Whether you’re just strolling down the street to the grocery store or you’re putting in those long hours on a construction site, boots play a critical role in protecting your toes, feet, and ankles from any possible injury.

For workers, boots can come in handy in saving you from ankle sprains, electric shock, and cold temperatures. Yes, they’re that important. No one wants to feel vulnerable to injuries. With a good pair of boots, you can walk with great confidence and assurance that you’re well protected – on any day and at any time.

Boots come in a wide array of brands, sizes, designs, shapes, etc. But, with the extensive fleet of boots on the market today, one could find it tough to choose the one that best suits his needs. I totally get that.

Because of my great concern your safety and well-being, I will provide some tips for choosing the best boots, and brief discussions of each specific type of boot. Let’s get to it.

Things to Look for When Buying Boots

With such a wide variety of boots flooding the market, making the right purchase becomes a delicate art. Furthermore, the different types of boots which range from ankle boots to cowboy boots make it more demanding task.

How will you know what to look for in your perfect pair? Not sure? Check out these useful tips to find your perfect pair of boots.

Features and Functions

Boots have different purposes and different features that are suitable for certain conditions. Before you head to the nearest shoe store, first decide on what features and functions you want to have in your new pair of boots. What occasion do you want them for? Should they be stylish for formal get-togethers? Should they be warm for hiking in snowy winter months?

Try to figure out the primary functions of your new boots, then move forward. If your main function is style, then make warmth and any other facet your second priorities.


Different brands of boots come with different price tags – some expensive, some midrange, and some cheap. Customarily, more expensive boots are more durable, stylish, and provide excellent overall performance and quality. This is not always the case, but, it’s important that you first set a budget for your new pair of boots. If you’re on a tight budget, this will help you to filter out all the highly-priced boots while drawing closer to your perfect pair.

Once you have set a reasonable budget, save weekly (or anytime you can) towards your perfect pair. Remember, a quality pair of boot is always better that many low-quality ones.


After you decide on the type of boot that you desire to have and the budget you’re moving forth with, it’s time to do some online research. (This is the fun part!)

Check out your most favored brands and try to obtain recommendations from friends and buyers. Online product reviews are also important, so you can time spend time and parse through those to help sway your decision.

Additionally, customer reviews are generally useful. However, sometimes everybody’s experience with different boots will be different. Ensure that you read on the advantages and disadvantages of that particular boot as this may come in handy in making your decision.

You can compare prices from other online sources or whatever local store that sells a particular brand or the pair of boots that you’re in search of.

While shopping online from the comfort of your home can be advantageous, it is better to shop in-store. This way, you can try the boots before making your purchase. Comfort is always important!

Companies always welcome user input, feedback, and questions. Therefore, if you are unclear about something. Don’t hesitate to email the company.

Comfort (How well do they fit?)

Comfort is one of the most important things to consider when buying any type of boots. It doesn’t matter how expensive, stylish or durable a pair of uncomfortable boots is, not of those attributes will matter at the end of the day.

You need to make certain that your boots fit comfortably. Persons who are flat-footed will require boots that are specifically designed for them, so it’s essential to know your foot type and shop in accordance. If your toes happen to fit uncomfortably in a round-toe boot, then try out different types such as square-toe boots.

What’s surprising to me is that some persons tend to take the outline of their feet on a piece of paper to the store and try to match it up with a particular size. This is not a good practice! Keep in mind that boots fit differently around the toes and the ankles. Most of the time, this practice only results in product returns or exchanges. Again, spare yourself of the burden.

There are many ways to go about purchasing a good pair of boots, but abiding by these fundamental guidelines will keep you on a great path to find your perfect pair. No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on a pair of boots that will probably just stay under the bed on in the closet without any wear. That’s just a waste, right? Therefore, refer to these guidelines and be vigilant yet thorough in your purchase. Good luck!

Different Types

Boots come in all different brands, styles, and construction, and are fit for specific occasions. Here are 9 common types that you’ll most likely to find on the market:


If you like to wear your leather pants tight, why not throw in a pair of ankle boots to get with them? You’ll be looking like a famous rock star in no time!

Ankle boots are worn widely by both men and women and are one of the most fashionable boots known to humankind. These boots promote a rather stylish and renegade look and are fit for persons who just love to look classy and elegant.

From the 19th century, this style of boot has never dropped its level of popularity. Until this day, it remains one of the most widely worn styles of boots by many persons.

Ankle boots are perfect for protecting your ankles due to their high-top design. Their sturdy and flat heels also work to keep you steady while you walk. However, it’s good to have some experience in walking in shoes with heels to stay comfortable at all times.


Read the reviews of the Top 10 Boots for Work

Work boots play a very critical role in providing extra protection for those persons who work in hazardous industries such as the construction and automotive industries.

Work boots usually have tough uppers, outsoles, midsoles, and other different features to help safeguard your feet, ankles and toes from any possible injuries while on the job.

Work boots are stylish and can keep you on your feet during those cold winter months. They are also ideal for rough terrains such as grip on concrete, and protect you from electrical shocks.


Top 10 Chukka Boots – my review

During World War II, British soldiers were deployed in North Africa but showed up with their regular combat boots. Coming out of England, their boots were unsuitable for the North African deserts.  They had sand issues, and were irritating, so the soldiers demanded boots that would keep sand out, fit closer to the ankle, is lightweight. That’s where the Chukka boots first came about.

Chukka boots are not high but only cover the ankles. The original material that we would see on the Chukka is leather because the leather was pretty standard at that time, but now we have suede and slight variations of leather.

When we think about durability and the ability to bounce around, more casual Chukka will have rubber soles.  However, leather soles are common in particularly in dress Chukkas.

Chukka boots are pretty stylish in their overall wear and are excellent for cooler months. Clarks are the manufacturers of the originals, but a few brands have improved on their strategy.


Take a look at Top 10 Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots were popular with men and women. They are ankle-high and close-fitting boots that usually have an elastic side panel. Additionally, they have rounded toes and low heels. What’s special about Chelsea boots is that they have the vamp sewn up, no lacing, with the back quarters sewn up at different sections.

A Chelsea boot is simply one that you can pull on using the loops on the top section of the uppers. They help you to get in quickly because without the lacing it’s important that you have a rather tight fit at the front and at the heel.

Because leather would be too stiff and not flexible enough, there’s a flexible rubber U-shaped section with leather underneath that usually comes in a contrasting color. This area stretches to accommodate your feet easily.


My list of the Top 10 Hunting Boots

Nothing can impede the possibility of a successful hunt than sore and wet/cold feet. Therefore, hunting your favorite animal usually require boots that are well-made, comfortable, waterproof, lightweight and provide excellent traction. These are typically the main characteristics of a good hunting boot.

Hunting boots are usually made with leather material to protect your feet from dangerous objects in the wild. They typically have tall uppers above the ankles to prevent water or dirt from entering the shoes.

Having wet or cold feet while in the field can result in your spooking your prey by not being as comfortable as you should. You may try to move your feet to a more comfortable position and subsequently produce frightening sounds.

Hunting boots are waterproof, and can keep your feet warm while in the wettest areas. Whether hunting water-bound creatures or running through the field with your hunting equipment, you can be assured that your feet will remain dry.


Hikers – here is the list of the Top 10 Hiking Boots

Finishing a hike with feet that still feel great is the job of hiking boots.

The fit of the boot is the most important aspect. No boot is ideal if they don’t fit well. A good hiking boot holds your feet in place and doesn’t let your heel raise up when you step. As the same time, they provide your toes with enough room so that they won’t hit the front of your boots as you travel downhill.


Here you can find Top 10 Military Boots

Facing extremes is the norm for any military personnel. With that comes the drawbacks of low-quality equipment. Therefore, you need a sturdy-enough military boot to keep you going on the job. Right? “Sir. Yes. Sir.”

With military jobs comes the demand for boots that are designed to withstand the stresses of the military. Whether you are a part of the Air Force, Marines, Army, or Navy, you need military boots that will serve you.

Military boots are lightweight and provide unbeatable comfort and durability in austere environments. They usually have rugged soles that are designed from climbing over all different kinds terrains.

Additionally, military boots are perfect for wet conditions as they are easily dried and have excellent ventilation. In many of these types of boots, you’ll find a unique Vibram sole that performs extremely well in all weather conditions.

For persons with high or normal arches, military boots have soles that perform extremely well with the insole. In fact, you’ll gain greater protection for your ankles.


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Swerving around those corners at fairly high speeds can sometimes be tricky and very risk. You need a good pair of motorcycle boots to ensure that you’re well protected from mishaps that can occur when maneuvering your bike.

Today, bikers are in search of stylish, high-performance, and high-quality motorcycle boots. This is because motorcycle boots aim to protect the rider’s legs and feet from possible injuries while operating the motorbike.

There are different styles of motorcycle boots including Harness or Engineer boots, Shorty boots, Tall Biker boots, Motorcycle Police Patrol boots, and Race or Motocross boots.

Some motorcycle boots cover your ankles for protection while strengthening them. In this way, you can better operate your motorbike. If the shaft provides shell protection such as a leather lining, then that would be helpful.

Nearly all motorcycle boots are constructed with a leather material which places more focus on critical areas. Materials such as Gore-Tex can further boost the effectiveness of the leather.

While riding, your feet may get very hot and sweaty. There are motorcycle boots that have unique external surfaces that can allow your feet to breath and keep them moist-free. It’s always great to have waterproof motorcycle boots. There’s no joy in getting caught in the rain with your getting feet wet.


Top 10 Cowboy Boots with detailed reviews

Imagine falling off your horse and getting dragged around. Sounds like something worth spending a few days in the ER for, doesn’t it? This is where cowboy boots come in. I’m not saying that they are specially made for horseback riding, but they serve their purpose well.

Cowboy boots have no lacing. Instead, they come with pull straps to easily get out of them. The lack of laces is beneficial in avoiding situations such as that mentioned above. Cowboy boots usually have a lot of stitching which prevents them from falling over. The stitching is there to provide excellent support in the boot.

There are two box sections on a cowboy boot which are very important. One is the heel and the toe box. The one at the heel is called the heel counter and are both formed to give the boot its shape.

The most durable and toughest part of a cowboy boot is called the vamp because it’s that part where constant bending occurs. Often, the vamp has stitching and design to help strengthen it.

The heels come in all shapes and sizes. It depends on what function you need the boots for. Most cowboy boots have anywhere between one inch to almost one and a half inch.

The outer soles are replaceable. If they start to rub down, you can simply take them to a cobbler to get them replaced. Companies such as Lucchese allow returns and replacements.

Some different styles of the cowboy boots are:

  • The Classic Western boot: A simple boot with a 12-inch shaft.
  • The Shorty: Has a short shaft at anywhere around 6 inches.
  • The Western Work boot: Designed for comfort. Excellent for persons who spend long hours on their feet. Durable but still has the historic flavor of the Cowboy boot.
  • Roper: Usually worn in Rodeos. They are more practical when it comes to work, but you can still ride with them.
  • The Buckaroo: Has a higher shaft than a regular Cowboy boot.
  • The Stockman: Usually a hybrid. It has a lot of the style of a classic Cowboy boot.


With such a wide array of boots on the market today, finding the one that suits you best is a relatively difficult task.

Boots come in different brands, styles, colors and patterns. So, if you’re just an average person, a part of some military personnel, or a person who works in the construction or automotive industry, you’ll have a wide variety to choose from.

A wide variety means a more challenging task to find your perfect fit, but there are several things that can guide you obtaining it. Things like the way they fit (comfort), the cost, research, the materials that they’re made from and the support that they give are all very important factors to consider.

Boots are great for persons who want to remain comfortable, flexible and stable while on hikes, riding motorbikes or horses, hunting, or just want to look stylish.

They can provide great comfort and protection for your ankles while walking to avoid injuries. Additionally, some boots won’t weigh down your feet while you walk because they are lightweight, flexible and safeguard your feet from harsh impacts with their sturdy leather design and ankle protective features.

Your safety is as important as the air you breathe. With that said, I urge you to head to your nearest local or online store and purchase your best pair of boots today. Never let low-quality and low-performance boots hinder your capacity to reach peak performance. Enjoy your day’s activities in style, safety, and comfort.