Top 6 Insulated Work Boots for Cold Weather

One of the worst things to tolerate during the work day is cold feet.

After all, we cannot all work inside of heated offices all day long.

Many jobs that may pit you against the elements during colder weather, including construction, road work, logging, and more.

If you find yourself pitted up against the cold, be sure to check out these best insulated work boots.

They will help your feet stay warm on the job, regardless of the task that you have set out to do.

Timberland PRO Men's Helix 8$$4.9 out of 5
KEEN Utility Men's Sheridan$$$4.8 out of 5
Wolverine Men's Marauder Rubber$$4.7 out of 5
Chippewa Men's 9" Arctic 50$$$4.8 out of 5
Wolverine Men's Gold 6" Wheat$$4.8 out of 5
Timberland PRO Men's 6 Boondock$$$4.7 out of 5

Timberland PRO Men’s Helix 8″

Some of the key features of this boot include its waterproofness, a composite safety toe and external toe cap, and a conical lugged outsole that is aggressive but does not trap debris.

The thick sole, molded EVA midsole, and lightweight insulation work to make this boot warm and comfortable to wear. The inside is antimicrobial treated to prevent odor and a padded collar adds to the comfort.

Finally, this boot has a waterproof membrane that allows your foot to breathe.

The outsole of this boot is definitely its downside. When the weather is below freezing, the sole tends to become harder and slicker. Additionally, exposure to cold weather can cause the soles to crack.

Verdict: This boot is not constructed so that it can handle extremely cold weather because of the issues with the outsole. Otherwise, it is a warm, comfortable boot with great tread. 

KEEN Utility Men’s Sheridan

These waterproof boots have a breathable membrane that keeps your foot warm enough to withstand below zero temperatures but cool enough that you can wear them until early spring.

They are on the heavy side, but they are so comfortable that you will not feel any extra fatigue from the added weight.

This boot has a polyurethane shank in the midsole to add support and absorb impact for maximum comfort. Additionally, the composite toes are shaped asymmetrically so that they fit your foot better. The toe box is very roomy.

One of the downsides is that it takes a few weeks to break in, but this is because of the durability of the leather.

Another thing to consider is the laces, which are not very durable and may fray after some use. Fortunately, these are easy to replace.

Verdict: Aside from the laces, these are an excellent boot. They are waterproof and warm, but still breathable. They are also comfortable enough that they can be worn all day long. 

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Wolverine Men’s Marauder Rubber

These pull-on boots feature pull tabs on either side that make them quick to pull on.

They are waterproof, have a non-slip tread that grips well but that is not too deep and have an outsole resistant to slips, oil, heat, water, and abrasion.

These boots accommodate wide feet well and they have a supportive midsole that adds an extra layer of support to the shoe.

There is also plenty of padding to add to the comfort.

Some other benefits include plenty of padding for comfort, a lining that wicks away moisture, and the way that it reduces fatigue in the feet and legs.

There are a few downsides of this shoe. Some people found the instep was too narrow, while others found that it was too tight around the ankles. The insole could also be more cushioned. However, the boots are comfortable overall.

Verdict: The minor disadvantages of this shoe can be overlooked when you consider the benefits. It offers excellent tread and waterproofness, is comfortable for all day wear, and is warm but still breathable so your feet do not sweat. 

Chippewa Men’s Arctic 50

This heavy boot comes with a shearling lining that makes the inside of these boots warm and soft.

They are waterproof and come with two pairs of removable wool sole inserts, which can be switched out between uses if you are a daily wearer.

The Vibram sole that comes on this winter work boot is comfortable to walk on and features deep, aggressive tread. The sole is also flexible.

One downside of the sole is that it wears down on abrasive surfaces like asphalt or concrete. It also may separate from the upper with time.

These boots will take quite some time to break in because the upper is made of a thick and durable leather. The boots are heavy and sturdy. One other thing to consider is the laces.

They go all the way up the boot, so you can customize the fit, which is nice. Unfortunately, the shoe laces are a bit short for the length of the boot and you may want to replace them with longer ones.

Verdict: This heavy boot is perfect for the winter, but not the summer. While there are occasional quality design flaws, this is an excellent cold water boot. It is comfortable to stand in all day once broken in and is warm. 

Wolverine Men’s Gold 6

This work boot comes with a sturdy leather upper and an outsole with a good amount of traction. The outsole is slip-resistant, oil-resistant, and grips very well.

It offers tread that is aggressive enough to prevent slipping on slick surfaces like ice but not so deep that it traps snow or mud. This boot also has a mesh lining that wicks away moisture and a waterproof upper.

These snow work boots for work are also comfortable and supportive. A polyurethane midsole and nylon shank make up the middle of the shoe and the removable footbed is fully cushioned.

Their comfort allows these boots reduce fatigue on your feet after a long day of work. Finally, the insulation in this boot is light enough to keep them lightweight but also warm.

There are a few considerations that should be made before purchasing this shoe. Two downsides of the shoe include the toe box, which is a little too short for some people, and the heel area, which is not as padded as you may like.

There also tend to be quality control issues inside of the boot, including the seams coming undone or the hard, internal supports for the toe and heel areas popping through the boot and digging into your foot.

Verdict: There are some quality control issues that should be addressed before you buy them. Otherwise, they are warm, comfortable, and lightweight. 

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Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock

This pair of work boots has a composite toe, electrical hazard protection, and heel and toe guards that provide safety and stability.

The outsole is lugged so it can grip anywhere and it is aggressive, without trapping mud or snow.

The rigidity of the heel guard and the pattern of the lugged outsole make these perfect for standing or climbing on any surface, even ladders.

Finally, these work shoes have a fiber glass shank that gives support and relieves pressure to make these comfortable to wear throughout the work day.

This shoe is warm but also breathable enough that your foot does not sweat. It also looks bulky but feels lightweight.

This shoe does have some potential downsides. First, its waterproofness will fade rather quickly but you can seal it to prevent this.

Second, they feel clunky for some people, especially those that are shorter. Finally, you should not wear these in warm weather because your feet will sweat.

Verdict: While this shoe has a few defects that make it a bad match for certain people, it is otherwise a great boot. It is incredibly warm, comfortable, and has plenty of safety features if you need them. 


For the purpose of incredible warmth without bulkiness, the best men’s insulated work boots are:

KEEN Utility Men’s Sheridan

These boots are warm and can handle even the most sub-zero temperatures, but they are also breathable enough to allow you to wear them in the early days of spring.

The asymmetrical composite toe is better than most because it will not poke through the lining and irritate your toes.

This boot is also comfortable, so you can feel confident that your feet, knees, and back will not be tired by the end of the day.

While these boots could use a new pair of shoelaces, they are otherwise the best choice for most people’s feet.

As you shop around, remember that footwear is not one-size-fits-all. Start by making a list of all the safety features required by your work site and go from there.

After finding the right fit and insulation, remember to give a boot time to stretch through the break-in period before you give up on it. Some of the best safety boots need a tough-break in – but you won’t need to break another boot in for years!