Best Mechanic Boots – Top 5 Picks

When you work as a mechanic, your daily job can leave you exposed to any number of things. Exposure to grease and oil, constant standing on concrete, and even slipping are things that you must watch out for.

The job of a mechanic also has a number of safety requirements, which should be adhered to in order to prevent any mishaps.

To keep your feet comfortable and your person safe while you are at work, you must consider these things and more. Read on to learn about the best mechanic boots and the reasons that you should use caution when choosing a work boot.

Check out a pair if you are in a hurry: Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift

Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift

This ankle-high boot comes with a thickly padded upper that allows you to work without worrying about rubbing or chafing around your ankles or foot and a thick, rubber platform that absorbs impact as you walk across surfaces. It is steel toe, which will meet the requirement of many mechanic jobs.

The steel toe in this work boot is particularly effective, as it can withstand things like dropping a generator on it or even running over your foot with a car. In addition to the outsole being comfortable, it is also oil-resistant to prevent slips and stains.

Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift work boots also offer plenty of ankle support and withstand wear and tear well. The final advantage of this shoe is the round shoelaces. Many round-style shoelaces tend to come untied over the course of the day. These, however, stay tied securely.

While the padding of the upper is very comfortable, you must also keep in mind that it is made of genuine leather. The upper can be a little stiff at first, but it will reach maximum comfort after about a week of breaking in.

Some people have also found that the bottom of the shoe is not as cushioned and comfortable as they would like, but this can easily be remedied with an insole. Finally, these shoes can get a little hot in the warmer months, especially with the comfortable padding.

Overall: The extra padding around the top of these steel toe work boots paired with the thick, shock-absorbing outsole make them comfortable when you have to spend a long time on your feet. They also offer plenty of ankle support, great steel toe protection, and an oil- and slip-resistant sole. While they are not as thickly padded as some people would like, they are definitely a great option as a mechanic’s boot. 

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Thorogood Men’s 6” Moc-Toe

The Moc-Toe boot is designed with a moccasin-style toe that definitely brings forth all of the roomy comfort you would expect of your favorite pair of moccasins. Some of its features include an oil- and slip-resistant sole, a nice roomy toe box, and plenty of comfort.

The leather upper is tough but soft and you will find that these boots can be broken in after just a few days. You may want to wear a thick pair of good socks to prevent any blisters or chaffing during this time.

These men’s work boots also have a number of features that add to their comfort. In addition to a thick, rubber outsole, these boots have a dual-density insert that adds a nice, cushiony feeling as you walk and a rubber midsole that works incredibly well to absorb impact.

There are a few downsides to this shoe. First, they are not steel toe so they may or may not meet the safety requirements for your workplace. Second, these shoes are a little heavier than you might be expecting, especially because they are not steel toe. The heel area is also something to be cautious of, as it is a little wide and some people found that their foot slipped.

Finally, these boots tend to run a little larger than you may be used to so be sure to order half a size to a full size down if ordering online or try them on in the store before buying. Also, remember that leather will stretch during the break-in period so try to buy a boot that fits snugly.

Overall: If you do not need a steel toe boot in your workplace, then this boot is an excellent choice. Remember to order a smaller size than you would normally and you will reap the benefits of true comfort in a boot. 

Wolverine Men’s McKay

This is the only work boot on the list that offers metatarsal protection. This is the first talking point. With most boots, the protection from the metatarsal guard comes in the form of a thick, “cover” that goes across the shoelaces and is incredibly noticeable. With this shoe, the metatarsal guard is a lot more discreet.

It is a piece of material that runs along the hidden areas on the sides of the tongue, rather than across the top. The downside of this, unfortunately, is that it does not seem to offer as much protection as a typical metatarsal guard. It also squeaks very loudly and it does not usually go away with wear.

These work boots also feature a steel toe, a slip-resistant outsole, and are waterproof. The cushioned footbed in this boot adds comfort but it is also removable if you need a customized insole. They also offer incredible ankle support and a leather upper that is soft instead of stiff and has almost no break-in period.

Overall: The major downsides of this boot come with the metatarsal guard, which may squeak and offer a little bit less protection than you are used to. The other features, however, make this an outstanding work boot. It is comfortable to wear and very likely to meet all of the requirements of your workplace, regardless of how rigorous they are. 

Bogs Men’s Turf Stomper

The Turf Stomper work boot is definitely the best choice if you are vegan and do not want to wear a shoe made of leather, but still need to adhere to workplace regulations.

The upper part is made of neoprene and rubber and the outsole is resistant to slips and chemicals. The sole also absorbs impact well, making this boot comfortable to wear.

There are a few downsides to this shoe. First, they are rather heavy and clunky to walk around in. The eyelets are another downside, as they do not stand up well to wear and tear. Finally, the thick sole can crack with use over time.

Overall: The boot comes up to a little higher than ankle height. It is waterproof, features anti-odor technology, and has a steel shank in the middle for a little extra support. These are especially good for colder working environments, especially with a pair of thick socks. 

King Rock 4” Pad Mechanic

These boots come to a much lower height than traditional ankle-high work boots and will rise to just-below ankle height. The upper is made of leather and the outsole is made of rubber that is resistant to slips and oil.

A cool feature of this shoe is an air pad, which circulates air through the boot to keep your feet cool. Another innovative feature is the deep heel area, which offers great heel support and prevents foot slippage.

The steel toe of this boot also works well. While it is a little shorter than you see in similar boots, it manages to offer the same protection but more flexibility.

One downside of this shoe is that it can take a week or two to break it in completely. Some people also found that it was not as cushiony as they would like.

Overall: This steel toe work boot is a great option for someone who wants a shorter shoe. It is flexible and cool, making it a good choice for really warm working environments. 


If you are not wearing the right shoes, even the simplest of tasks can become dangerous. Working as a mechanic can leave you exposed to things like oil spills and potentially dangerous situations on a daily basis. For this, you must choose the best work boots for mechanics. Here is our most likely choice:

Wolverine Men’s McKay

This work boot is named as the best because it is likely to meet any requirements that your workplace may set forth, whether your footwear need to be steel toed, include a metatarsal guard, be waterproof, or be slip-resistant.

They are incredibly comfortable and while the metatarsal guard does not quite measure up to expectations, there is little else wrong with this boot. As an added bonus, you can wear these straight out of the box because they are so soft that a break-in period is not required for most people.

As you choose your boot, be sure that you are adhering to all of the safety regulations regarding work shoes set forth by your state and company. Also, do not be worried if one pair of boots does not work well for you- try another until you find the perfect fit. Remember, everyone’s foot (and job) is unique and the same boot will not be the best match for everyone.