Top 10 Women’s Work Boots – Keep Your Feet Safe

Positions in logging, roofing, construction, landscaping, and other areas may be seen as men’s jobs by some, but that does not mean that there are not several powerful women working in the field who are in need of a good boot.

Read on to learn about the best women’s work boots and the pros and cons of each.

By the end of this article, you should have a clear idea of the type of boot that you want for your feet.

As well as an idea of some of the top-rated boots and whether they will be a good match for your feet.

Dr. Martens Ironbridge$$$4.9 out of 5
Timberland PRO Women's 72399 Titan$$$4.8 out of 5
Wolverine Women's Harrison$$4.7 out of 5
Skechers for Work Women's Workshire$$4.8 out of 5
Avenger Safety Footwear Women's 7125$$4.8 out of 5
Chippewa Women's L73050$$$4.7 out of 5
Irish Setter Women's 83201$$$4.8 out of 5

Dr. Martens Ironbridge

These women’s boots feature a leather upper, a moisture-wicking lining, and a sole with a thick, deep grippy tread that flexes to allow your foot to move. They break in easily and you can wear them straight out of the box with little to no discomfort.

After a day, you will find that the leather has already started to conform to your foot. This boot is also water resistant, steel toe, and has a removable insole.

These ankle high boots also offer great ankle support. The bottom is also supportive, though it is flexible enough to be comfortable. Finally, the quick lacing hook system has additional eyelet holes above the hooks for extra tightness at the top of your boot.

There are a few downsides to this shoe. The sole may squeak at first if you work indoors, but this should go away after a week or two of wear. You may also find that the factory insoles wear down with time, often after just a few months of heavy use. Finally, the leather can bend where the steel toe ends and pinch your foot.

Verdict: Whether this is a good boot for you depends on your foot shape and whether the steel toe will pinch. Otherwise, these boots are comfortable and they will keep you safe at work. They also offer an easy break-in without becoming too loose after wear. 

Timberland PRO Women’s 72399 Titan

These Timberland boots are built to be comfortable with plenty of padding but still breathable enough that your foot remains cool. They feature a perforated, padded inside that allows your foot to breathe.

This is accompanied by an internal mesh lining that has anti-microbial and moisture wicking technologies. Finally, these boots meet many workplace requirements, including waterproofness, electrical hazard protection, and the addition of a safety toe cap that is lightweight but still offers some protection.

These lightweight work boots are also built for comfort. For this, they feature a dual-density outsole that absorbs impact well to reduce fatigue in the hips, back, and feet, as well as a high-rebound heel insert and polyurethane midsole, which work together to return energy into your foot to help propel you forward as you walk.

Another great feature of these boots is a 30-day guarantee. It is great to see a company that will stand behind their product because they know that it is as great as they advertise it to be.

There are three slight downsides to this shoe. The shoelaces are too short for some wearers, especially if you find that you need more room around the ankle area. You will also find that the soles break down first. However, they can be re-soled and it is worth it for the comfort.

Finally, you have to be careful about drying these shoes out completely if the insides do become wet. If they remain wet, the shoes let off a foul odor, despite the anti-odor mesh lining that is included inside of the boot.

Verdict: These durable, lightweight, and comfortable boots will prevent pain and fatigue at the end of a long work day. While you may want to replace the shoelaces, these are a pair of boots you will have around for years. 

Wolverine Women’s Harrison

Regarding safety, these boots have everything. This includes a non-slip and electrical hazard-safe outsole, waterproofness, and steel toe. Their tread will prevent you from slipping, but it is not so deep that mud, snow, and debris get stuck in the tread.

Their tread will prevent you from slipping, but it is not so deep that mud, snow, and debris get stuck in the tread.

They also come with a removable footbed, a lightweight nylon shank that absorbs impact for less fatigue, and a combination of polyurethane and compression molded EVA midsoles that keep your feet comfortable all day long.

It is effective at relieving pressure and impact felt by the back and joints. Finally, these shoes are breathable enough that they will not get too hot, even in the summer.

There are a few considerations that you should make before purchasing this brown work boot. The break in period can take a few weeks, however, it is not especially painful. They are also heavier than some other boot options and some people found that they do not offer enough arch support.

Consider inserts if you have a high arch and buy half a size up if you need room for an insert. Finally, the shoe runs long and narrow so order wide if you have wider feet.

Verdict: There are a lot of things to consider before buying this shoe, but they work well for some people. They are comfortable, slip resistant, offer excellent breathability, and have plenty of safety features. For some people, their great level of comfort makes them look past any potential flaws. 

Skechers Women’s 76561 Workshire

This waterproof work boot for women is designed with a relaxed fit, which allows it to have a broken-in feeling right out of the box. While this makes them comfortable, it also means that you may not be satisfied with the amount of support the boot offers once it loosens after the break-in period.

Some other features added for comfort include a memory foam insole, a gel-infused insole, and a lightweight construction. Finally, they are steel toe and waterproof. The waterproofness is even effective when the boot is submerged and the tongue is attached high up on the boot to help keep water out.

This boot does have a few downsides. It runs narrow and the toe box may be too short for people with longer toes and cause the steel toe will rub. Additionally, the insoles and shoelaces can wear down within six months or less. They are rather easy to replace though, so this is not necessarily a deal breaker.

Verdict: The downsides of this boot are not nearly severe enough for it to be a deal breaker, especially if you do not have particularly wide feet. It is comfortable, offers a relaxed fit, and has effective waterproofing. 

Avenger Safety Footwear Avenger 7125

One of the greatest features of this shoe is the pink stitching and accents, which makes them look feminine without going over the top. They have a steel safety toe, have a waterproof leather upper, and feature an inner lining made of breathable, waterproof mesh.

For comfort, this boot has a dual-density insole that is removable, plenty of midsole padding, and a thick, shock absorbing outsole. Finally, it has a roomy toe area.

This women’s steel toe work boot does come with its drawbacks. First, it does not offer much arch support. Second, the tread is non-slip, but it is not aggressive enough for steep surfaces. Finally, the insole and midsole will break down from heavy usage with months. You can replace them with another insole, but if you don’t, they are uncomfortable to wear.

Verdict: These boots are comfortable in their early days and even longer if you do not use them heavily. The pink stitching and accents add a nice feminine touch and the meet the needs for most workplaces. 

Chippewa Women’s 8″ L73050

These shoes are built for toughness in any work environment. They feature a deep aggressive tread on a Vibram sole that works well on uneven ground, steel toe protection, waterproofness, and an electrical hazard safety rating.

The sole is soft and provides a rebound to reduce fatigue, they offer great arch support, and they are insulated for warmth. A well-padded footbed and removable insole add to the incredible comfort that this shoe has to offer.

There are three considerations to keep in mind before purchasing this lace up boot. First, these boots rise to your lower calf area. If this area is wide, the shoelaces provided with the shoe may be a little short. These safety boots for women are also a little heavy, but you should expect that from boots as serious and durable as these.

Verdict: There are two slight drawbacks to this shoe, but neither are a deal breaker. If you find yourself in need of a heavy-duty women’s work boot, these are the best choice for you. They have plenty of safety features, are made to grip tough terrain, and are insulated and comfortable, so your feet feels good at the end of a long day. 

Irish Setter Women’s 83201

These ankle high boots have a sole that is thick but still flexible and a sturdy full grain leather upper. The sole grips well so you do not have to worry about slipping and they are waterproof.

The tongue on this boot is sewn high up, so you do not have to worry about water seeping in. This boot is comfortable because the rubber sole absorbs impact as you walk and the shank provides excellent support.

These are not steel toe, but they do have extra enforcement around the toe area for protection. They are also lightweight compared to many other women’s boots options. Finally, the Vibram outsole is heat-resistant and durable, even with exposure to the elements.

There are a few considerations to make before purchasing this boot. They are comfortable, but the insole could be more padded. You can easily fix this with an insert, however. There is also a long break-in period for this boot, but it will be worth it. Finally, the toe box may be too narrow for people with wide set toes.

Verdict: There are a few downsides of this boot, but nothing that cannot be overlooked for the comfort. These are also one of the few pairs of boots that you will find with a heat-resistant outsole that will stand up to jobs working with or on hot concrete without damaging your foot or your boot. 


As you go about choosing the best boots, it is important to consider the details of your job and whether you must meet any safety features in the work environment.

Then, you should consider how important factors like comfort or appearance are to you. For being both comfortable and able to be used in any work environment, the best work boot for women on this list is:

Chippewa Women’s L73050

The reason that this boot earns the title of best is because of its wide range of safety features and incredible comfort. It is completely waterproof, features a safety toe, is non-slip, and has an electrical hazard rating.

Additionally, the tread can tackle even the toughest terrain. While these boots are a little heavy, you will find that this is what you should expect from such a sturdy boot.

As you go about choosing your personal work shoes, consider what you will be using it for. There is no single perfect boot that works for everyone. The Chippewa boot, for example, would not be a good choice for someone that needs a lightweight work boot for a minimally aggressive job.

Keep your own needs in mind and do not be afraid to keep shopping around until you find a boot that meets your needs and falls within your price range. Once you find the right boot and stick with it, you will not regret it.