Top Rated Women’s Business Casual Shoes – Comfort & Style

Women commonly wear uncomfortable shoes for the sake of looking fabulous.

However, when your feet look great and do not feel great, you will start regretting it well before the end of the day.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find shoes that were fashionable without killing your feet?

The answer is a comfortable women’s dress shoe. The shoes reviewed in this article will range from dressy shoes for business wear to those that are beautiful enough to wear on your wedding day.

These reviews should help guide you to the comfiest ladies’ shoes. If you aren’t sure what to look for, don’t forget to check out the buying guide in this article. Remember, no one pair is going to fit every woman’s personality or her feet’s unique needs.

Characteristics & Buying Guide

  1. Stability of the Heel – Many of the shoes reviewed in this article have heels. When you do wear a heeled shoe, your feet should not be suffering all day. Look for a heel that distributes some of the weight away from the ball of your foot. It should also be wide enough at the top of the heel that it supports your entire foot. When a heel is not stable, it can cause you to trip or even roll your ankle.
  2. Versatility – Who wants to pay for shoes to wear them once and have them fade away in a closet? A quality heel will be versatile enough that you can wear it more than once. This is easier if it is appropriate for an extensive range of wardrobes, like business wear, cocktail wear, or casual wear with jeans and a cute top.
  3. Roomy Toe Box – Perhaps one of the worst features of women’s shoes is the pointed-toe style that often crunches your toes together. Not only does this make shoes unbearable to wear, but it can also cause conditions like hammertoe in the future.
  4. Shock Absorption – Shock absorption is something hard to find in heels, especially since the heel is often made of hard, unforgivable materials that can hurt your foot. Opt for something with a thick rubber heel or that offers shock absorption from the foot pads.
  5. Good Traction – It is not uncommon for dress shoes to have poor traction. The problem with this is poor traction can cause you to slip. It is also unstable, which can cause you to roll your ankle or face another injury. Look for a heel with a patterned or rubber bottom for improved traction.

Seek out these characteristics and then find a shoe suited to the event you need it for. Instead of trying to make your foot work with a specific pair, look for a pair that works for you. 

Popular Brands & Reviews of the Top 10

Stylish Loafers for Work – Clarks May Marigold

This comfortable woman’s heel is 2-inches in height and has a wide top and base, which gives better stability. It is available in 3 black styles, including black patent, black crocodile, and black leather and each is suited for business wear as well as a cocktail party.

The upper is constructed with leather with a small, stretchy area of fabric near the entrance that makes it easy to slide on and then secures it to your foot.

The fit is good. The heel area is a little too wide for some people, but that depends on the individual foot. The shoe also has a roomy, rounded toe box that won’t crunch your toes together and there is sufficient arch support for most people.

Inside the shoe, there is a soft, Ortholite footbed. This thick, plush padding cradles your foot and offers comfort throughout the day. There is a minimal break-in period because of this, though you should keep in mind that the leather of the upper may stretch as you wear it.

Before you buy them, you should know that they are easily scuffed. They are authentic leather so that scuffs can be buffed out. Since the insole provides most of the shock absorption, you should add an insole once the original starts to break down.

Verdict: This is not a good choice for women with high arches, but is otherwise a well-made shoe for wide feet. It is versatile, stylish, and comfortable.

Formal Footwear for Walking – Rockport Cobb Hill Angelina

This shoe features a cute, fashionable design with a T-strap on the top for added support. A Velcro strap secures this shoe around the back of your foot, allowing you to quickly and easily put it on.

It has a 1 ½-inch heel that is thick enough around the bottom to give your foot the stability and support it needs as you walk.

You could easily wear this pair to work, even in a busy workplace. There is good attention to detail throughout the shoe and it features cute cut-out designs in the heel. The exception of this is the leather of the T-strap, which may fray with wear.

In addition to workplace wear, this shoe can be paired with jeans and a cute top or even a dress. The line includes neutral colors and bright colors.

The Angelina shoe has a decent sized toe box and a good amount of padding. The padding comes slightly up the sides to cradle your foot and it is thick enough that it offers customized arch support.

There is a short break-in period with this shoe, as the leather T-strap and the sides will loosen slightly to accommodate your foot after a day or two of wear. It does, however, tend to run narrow so you should be cautious if you have wide feet, a high instep, or feet that tend to swell.

Verdict: The T-strap design and cut-out of the heel make this shoe fashionable and fabulous. It is comfortable to wear and supports a wide variety of arches, though you should be cautious if you have a high instep or wide feet and size accordingly.

Elegant & Comfy Pumps – Easy Street Fabulous

This simple pump has a timeless, round-toe pump style. It features a 2-inch heel with a semi-wide base that offers stability, a roomy toe box that will not squish your toes, and a gradual slope of the heel to relieve pressure on the ball of the foot.

They are feminine but sophisticated and would work well with dress pants, a skirt, or a simple dress. It comes in several designs in neutral colors like white, off-white, gray, black, and brown.

This pump offers comfort for all-day wear. It features a Super-Flex sole that gives you more flexibility than most heels while still offering the support you need and a soft, cushioned insole. The insole also provides shock absorption and support.

The major downside is sizing inconsistencies, as some people report their size being too small and others report it being too big. Additionally, depending on the conditions you wear the shoes in, the paint on the upper may peel away.

Verdict: If you can find the right size for your foot, it is an excellent choice for casual, business, or evening wear. The insole is comfortable and supportive, while the heel is supportive and flexible. These are easy to walk in.

Fashionable High Heel Sandals – Naturalizer Danya

This women’s shoe by Naturalizer has one of the highest heels on the list, with 3 ¼-inches of height. However, it is one of the most comfortable and incredibly fashionable. The upper is an open-toe style and features laser cutouts with neat stitching.

It is elegant and appropriate for office wear, though it would also look lovely with the jeans and a nice shirt. A hook-and-loop back strap fastens the shoe around your ankle and gives it adjustability.

The outsole of the heel consists of a thick, 1-inch platform that absorbs shock as you walk. The Velcro ankle strap makes them easy to put on. These shoes also have excellent stability, are well cushioned, and offer great arch and all-around foot support.

They are a little stiff, but this is necessary for this kind of support. Additionally, there is a low chance of slipping or rolling your ankle.

There are two downsides. First, if the straps are too loose on your foot it may slide forward in the shoe. You can fix this with a sticky decal to help hold your foot in place. Second, the Velcro may start to stick out slightly after wear, especially if you have small ankles.

Verdict: If you can overcome the sliding issue, these are the perfect shoe for casual or dress wear. The cutout design is edgy and elegant, and they offer good stability and a high level of comfort. If you want a particularly high heel that will not leave you in pain, this is a great choice.

Dressy Leather Pumps – Aerosoles Red Hot

This pump-style shoe is available in leather, patent, and snakeskin styles. It features a rounded toe that is roomy enough that it won’t crush your toes and an outsole with a diamond pattern that grips the floor as you walk.

A 2 ¼-inch heel is feminine but supportive and comfortable since it has a patented heel rest design that distributes your weight more evenly toward your heel. This prevents pain in the ball of the foot, which is common with professional shoes.

Inside the shoe, there is a double-padded insole made of memory foam that conforms to your feet. It offers great arch support. Additionally, there is a breathable but soft suede lining that can be worn with or without socks.

The wide shoe box and comfortable heel allow it to be supportive, even for heavyset women. While this is a nice shoe, it is more business-dress appropriate and not the best choice for formal occasions, depending on what you are wearing.

There may be a short break-in period, but it will be more comfortable after the first day or two of wear. The shoe box is too shallow for people with a high instep and you may have blistering if they do not fit you the first few times. Consider socks to fix this.

Verdict: This is a very supportive and comfortable shoe, even for heavier women. It is best suited for business wear but may work in some formal situations.

Attractive Mary Jane – Le Comfort Office-5

This uniquely styled pump has a closed design with a strap across the top. The strap also has a large, button embellishment that gives it a classic look.

Unlike any of the other shoes on this list, it is a vegan woman’s dress shoe with a vegan leather upper. It also has one of the highest heels. It is 3 ¼-inches in height but solid enough to be stable.

Inside the shoe, you will find good padding and added arch support. The insole contours to your foot, making it well suited for flat-footed and high-arched women and everyone in between.

The outsole is flexible and provides good traction, prevent slips and injuries. This shoe has a professional look, but it would work well with some styles of dresses. The heel is stacked and solid, allowing it support even larger women well.

There are a few downsides. While the shoe fits the ball of the foot well, there may be some slippage in the wide heel area for some people.

Also, while the stitching is cute, it appears frayed in some areas and it could use more attention to detail. You should also note that the shoe does run small; even Amazon recommends purchasing a full size larger.

Verdict: This is a simple high-quality shoe that makes a powerful statement. It is an all-vegan choice that is comfortable and supportive, despite the high heel.

Cute Black Casual Shoes – Anne Klein Sport Guardian

This pair by Anne Klein features a ballet-style shoe with a supportive heel. This shoe has a supportive shaft that stabilizes your foot, helps distribute your weight more evenly, and makes them more comfortable to wear. A rubber sole absorbs shock as you walk and the leather upper is incredibly soft. There are some high-shine areas on the leather for accent.

The heel features a thick, block style that offers great support. The uppermost part features a padded collar. This is also elastic, which allows it to hold your feet once inside securely. This helps prevent blisters.

The downside is that it is too narrow for some people. The toe box is also a little on the small side and it may crunch your toes if they are wide-set or too long for the shoe.

Verdict: If your toes fit well, it is an excellent choice. It is supportive and has a unique style. Additionally, it clings to your foot with a padded elastic collar that prevents blisters.

ElegantPark Women Peep Toe

This stylish shoe comes in a variety of neutral and bright colors with rhinestone embellishments. It is pretty and feminine, appropriate for everything from business wear to wedding wear.

This shoe features a 2 ½-inch heel, a suede upper, and an open-toed design. This shoe is nice enough to wear on your wedding day but can also be worn with jeans and a nice shirt.

The rubber on the bottom of the shoe absorbs impact well. The heel is not clunky, but it is wide enough to offer stability that is needed to be comfortable.

The sole is a little hard, however, included cushions for the ball of the foot and the heels will make the shoes more comfortable on your feet.

This peep-toe shoe is a little big; even Amazon recommends ½ to a full size smaller. The bottom is a little slick though, so they are not suited to all types of walking environments. You should also note that some of the rhinestones may come loose with wear but you can easily glue them back on as needed.

Verdict: These shoes will stand out with their eye-catching embellishments. They are versatile, comfortable, and supportive.

Supportive & Beautiful – Clarks Heavenly Heart

This shoe has a classic, round-toe pump design. It is available in 4 leather colors and patent black and comes with a 2 ½-inch heel.

The toe box is well sized and soft. It is affixed over an outsole with patterns to prevent slippage on the bottom. There is no break-in period and no blisters to worry about.

Inside the shoe, an Ortholite footbed contours to the shape of your foot to offer perfect arch support. This makes the shoe soft, plushy, and comfortable to walk in.

There is extra padding in the heel area and near the ball of the foot to add to comfort. This shoe is appropriate for casual or dress wear.

The downside is that the insole. It may be stained if you sweat in the shoe, which is likely if you wear them without socks.

Verdict: This shoe is incredibly comfortable. If you can overlook the possibility of stains on the inside, it is a good footwear choice to have in your closet.

Feel Like Sneakers – Naturalizer Clarissa Boot

This shoe is a good choice for events or jobs where you may need to walk since it is built more like a shoe than a heel. It has an ankle-boot style with a zipper.

Its boot style allows it to be the most comfortable shoe on this list for most women. However, it is better for casual dress-up. This shoe would look best with skirt or slacks.

The boot has a low heel with a leather upper and synthetic sole. Inside of the shoe, there is plenty of padding on the sole and around the collar.

It secures to your foot better than most shoes and the outsole has good traction. This shoe also offers great arch support. The sole is both flexible and supportive.

There is no break-in period, but it will fit better after wearing it for a few days. It is not the best choice for women with high insteps. Additionally, the color may chip away if you drag or stub your toe area.

Verdict: This shoe is not as durable as you may expect, but it is a good choice. It is incredibly comfortable and is suited well to certain types of dress-up occasions, especially those where slacks or a cute skirt are appropriate.

Conclusion & Our Choice

As you seek the world’s most comfortable women’s dress shoes, do not make sacrifices. Find a shoe that offers style – they do exist. You should consider starting your search with this best shoe:

Naturalizer Women’s Danya

This pair is one of the top choices because it is fashionable, with a laser cut-out design and beautiful stitching. It can be worn in a work environment or to a wedding, making it one of the most versatile choices.

The Danya shoe also has a stable heel, absorbs shock well, and has comfortable padding through the sole of the shoe that conforms to your arch and cradles your foot as you walk.

Even if this shoe is not the ideal choice for you, consider some of the others on this list. Remember that each foot is unique and with enough perseverance, you will find footwear that is ideal for your foot.