Top 5 Orthopedic Shoes – Get All-Around Premium Comfort

Place comfort at the top of your listSome people love long walks while others would rather ‘Netflix and Chill’ on the couch for hours.

Some people like to play sports while others are required to get active for health purposes.

No matter what your stance is in life, you’re human.

And in nature, we are bipedal creatures unique to our specie, and that which separates us from other beings roaming this planet.

Highly dependent on our two lower extremities when moving from one place to another, our feet are fundamental to our ability to stand and carry our body’s weight.

Now moving away from science and biology, the bottom-line is that our feet are highly essential to our day to day life. It is important to ensure that our feet is healthy and always for optimal comfort levels.

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Top 5 Most Comfortable Shoes for Women and Men

#ImageDescriptionBestMen's or Women'sPriceRating out of 5
1New Balance Women's WID626V2New BalanceWomen's$$4.9
2Women's Vionic by Orthaheel, Tide II Thong SandalSandalsWomen's$$4.9
3Vionic Women's Venture Active Lace Upfor WalkingWomen's$$4.7
4Hush Puppies Women's Epic Mary Jane Tan LeatheCasualWomen's$$4.8
5Clarks Women's Wave Trek Lace-Up Fashion SneakerSneakersWomen's$$4.8
6New Balance Men's MW928New BalanceMen's$$$4.9
7Vionic Unisex Wave Orthaheel Thong SandalSandalsMen's$$4.9
8Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Mens Endurancefor WalkingMen's$$4.7
9Hush Puppies Men's Gil Slip-OnCasualMen's$$4.8
10Propet Men's Life Walker Strap SneakerSneakersMen's$$4.8

Redefining the Norm

For many natural growing children, and even adults who grew up healthy, walking around is not a problem. But for people who were born with ailments or deformities, many challenges come with the idea of walking.

Some who were born healthy but acquired ailments later on in life or others who may have been in an accident may also find it difficult to walk. While serious cases of walking problems may require advanced levels of aid to walk, minor cases such as those experiencing bunion wounds with their footwear, can be remedied by one conventional solution – Orthopedic shoes.

Orthopedic or orthotic shoes which are infamously known to be a bit ugly yet fully functional has gone dramatic changes throughout times. Old models of orthopedic shoes would look very unappealing to the eyes and would be tough to wear in public. But now? Some brands learned how to combine the best of both worlds when it comes to design and comfort.

In light of this fact, here are listed some of the best orthopedic or orthotic footwear already available in the market today:

For the Girls – New Balance Women’s WID626V2 Work

With more than 100 years of experience in developing shoes of all kinds and genres, New Balance is a brand that is tested by time for their undeniably high-quality products.

In line with their acquired strong learning experience on how the shoe business works, the company is also aware of the problems posed by shoes developed with ‘design over comfort’ in mind – which has been the foundation of this very company.

When wearing shoes that only take the design in consideration, wearers may be more prone to discomfort, or worse – injuries.

New Balance Women’s WID626V2 is the kind of shoe that combines the concept of a good design and the idea of comfort for its wearers. It is perfect for women industrial workers who are on foot at most times of the day. It is also a brilliant pair for competitive women athletes who want a strong boost in performance.

Athletes who wear this orthopedic shoe are said to have fewer chances of acquiring injury, compared to those who use regular kicks.

Without a doubt, this pair from New Balance is a highly revolutionary shoe that can give regular employees and even athletes the edge to go through the daily grind. If you want a shoe that can guarantee comfort and guard you against potential injuries, then this is an amazing choice. 

For the Guys – New Balance Men’s MW928

If you find walking, let alone short distances, both a pain and chore to your feet than otherwise necessary, the chances are that your pair is not catered for comfort, but rather of stylish design. For many of shoe designs today, this is no longer surprising.

Not thinking that shoes have to sacrifice comfort over designs, New Balance Men’s MW928 is sophisticatedly developed for the active, walking men who wanted to take the longer mile by not being restricted and disrupted by the shoes they wear.

Specifically designed for walking, this orthopedic shoe is ergonomically designed for the average man’s footing, with the specific highlight on comfort. Unlike other purely ergonomic and comfort-driven shoes, it also puts a nice hint of great aesthetics. Most importantly this pair is said to be very compatible and accommodating to people with diabetes. 

Best Orthotic Sandals

At home, we are more often than not in footwear that is apart from the traditional design. This is for a good reason. Shoes are often less comfortable and do not provide the same fresh comfort found in open-space footwear like sandals or slippers.

A common misconception is that orthotics can only be in the form of shoes. We can also find other means of aid for our feet in other footwear like sandals – sometimes, a hybrid between a shoe and sandals, at least by name.

For the Girls – Vionic Women’s Tide II Orthaheel Thong Sandal

While many people may find it awkward for footwear to be named a “shoe” when it does lean more of being sandal (at least aesthetically), there’s no questioning that this pair can get the job done regarding providing premium comfort to its wearer.

All things considered, this is exactly the kind of footwear specially designed for women’s normal footing. It is focused on the proper curve for the soles of the feet. With a special highlight on comfort, Vionic Women’s Tide II is an ideal everyday footwear for women who needs some aid in walking while on their feet.

Flat-footed individuals, however, may find the shoe rather less fitting for its curved sole design. 

For the Guys – Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Unisex

Walking with a set of foot bare-naked can be a pain if you suffer from foot problems. The same is also true if you wear the wrong kind of footwear, one that does not put a premium on comfort for example.

The same is also true if you wear the wrong kind of footwear, one that does not put a premium on comfort for example.

Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Sandal aims to prove that even a stylish footwear can also be comfortable to wear for both genders, especially those who are afflicted with any foot ailments.

As a product with personal recommendations from Dr. Andrew Weil—a known “guru” of integrative medicine and holistic health—you know for sure that this is a product which caters to solving pain and discomfort of all levels. If you want an affordable orthotic sandal, then this is an excellent choice. 

Comfortable Orthotic Shoes for Walking

Walking may just be a basic functionality of man. But faced with a foot problem, even the world record holding long distance walker will be hampered by the ache caused by excessive walking and pressures to the foot.

Luckily, there is footwear on the market that are designed not to restrict/limit a person’s ability to walk, but rather promotes it by giving comfort and lessen strains brought about by walking. Read on for some examples below!

For the Girls – Vionic Women’s Venture Athletic

Ever find rubber shoes of significant weight that it adds to the pain or discomfort you may be feeling with your foot or feet? If that is the case, chances are you would need footwear that is as light as possible — to the point that it feels like you’re barefooted.

This is exactly what Vionic Women’s Venture does for you. It is so lightweight and comfy that it gives you instant gratification as you walk around the block. It’s a great pick for women who are always on the go and want to ensure great comfort in their day-to-day activities.

Vionic Women’s Venture is as lightweight as it could get for a footwear whose design is after comfort. Made using a combination of cloth and a “leather-like” material, the shoe features exceptional durability while also emphasizing on its ridiculously light weight.

Walking long distances never felt as light and comfortable than wearing a pair of shoe like the Vionic Women’s Venture. 

For the Guys -Vionic Men’s Endurance

Men who wear sneakers for footwear does not always mean they like to sneak around (true story!).

Others who do, likes to do so because they simply love walking around.

Unfortunately, not all sneakers are designed the same way, especially as ergonomics and orthotics are concerned, many sneakers designs are not made to be comfortable.

Truth be told, the sneaker game, especially for men is all about one word: STYLE. But this one may be an exception.

Fusing what makes a sneaker design appealing, while also putting a sense of comfort to its wearers as part of the overall design, Vionic Men’s Endurance Walking Sneaker is an excellent choice. If you are a man who has a sense of active, mobile lifestyle, then this shoe is for you.

Having an insole designed by a podiatrist with consideration to biomechanical orthotics, this walking sneaker footwear is as comfortable as it can get for a pair of sneakers. 

Best Casual Shoes

Having the need to stroll around for casual fun is best experienced with getting pained on the process of walking. While many ordinary people would not have troubles of this nature, others who are getting discomforts in walking may have.

In fixing this problem, some companies developed a footwear that does not just appeal in simplicity but also in comfort.

For the Girls – Hush Puppies Women’s Epic Mary Jane

Pretty much very lightweight, but having the flexibility and durability to be shockproof. This is a perfect combination that often sounds oxymoronic in itself but is a reality in many of today’s shoes just like the Hush Puppies Gil Slip-On.

Its light-weightedness makes for a good asset as it does not put the unnecessary extra weight on the wearer’s legs which may aggravate any existing foot problems. It also gives the liberating feeling of walking barefooted.

The shoes’ shockproof protection also adds as a bonus, especially for those who have very sensitive lower extremities to pain; likely resulting from an underlying medical condition. 

For the Guys – Hush Puppies Men’s Gil Slip-On

Bordering between being stylish, comfortable, and durable, Hush Puppies Men’s Gil Slip-On makes the best of three worlds in one single package of a footwear.

It is ideal for people of who have difficulty in walking, but do not want to compromise on the looks (gotta stay stylish, right?). Rugged and simplistic in design it may seem, but this shoe is as lightweight as it can get.

Comfortable, stylish, and easy to wear — sounds like the dream shoe profile for every man right? This slip-on from Hush Puppies is a real gem when it comes to shoes in the market. 

Best Orthopedic Sneakers

Walking into wet terrains can be a messy experience for anybody. This becomes more of a problem if you have natural difficulties in walking (diabetes / chronic foot problems, etc.).

The good news is that there are brands out there that put both waterproof capability and comfort into consideration. These are the kinds of shoes you need to weather the storm.

Find out more below!

For the Girls – Clarks Women’s Wave.Trek Lace-Up

Made using a durable leather that is made to withstand unnecessary wetness for being waterproof, Clarks Women’s Wave.Trek Lace-Up Sneaker is the kind of footwear women would love to wear in a wet season.

Apart from being durable and waterproof in design, this orthopedic shoe also highlights comfort with its necessary cushions, as well as shockproof capabilities which benefit those who may have high sensitivities to pain.

The Clarks Women’s Wave Trek Lace-Up Sneaker is a great option if your top priority is durability and longevity. 

For the Guys – Propet Men’s Life Walker Strap

Propet Men’s Life Walker Strap Sneaker is a bindless and stringless footwear similar to loafers but leans more towards being a sneaker in overall external design. Reason being: some people find it easier to wear a footwear by simply slipping them on, rather than to go through the effort of having to tie on the strings and fasten on the binds.

This shoe is a convenient and easy pick for guys who just want a comfortable shoe without all the drama and inconveniences that go with regular footwear. 

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Whether you are into rubber shoes, sneakers, or sandal-like designs for your footwear, it pays to know that there are comfortable alternatives which befit the foot problem-afflicted people in each and every one of us.

It doesn’t matter if you have foot problems or not, it’s just a great feeling; knowing that brands have already started creating shoes that can cater to different kinds of people (with the various kinds of needs).

Rubber shoes are meant for people whose work involves standing for long times during a day of work. Of course, it’s also ideal for athletes looking for an extra boost in performance and injury prevention. With orthopedic shoes that are created in a rubber form, there is an added sense of security for buyers who are looking for an all-around shoe that puts a premium on comfort.

Then you have sandals and other kinds of footwear that is perfectly made for those suffering from foot problems. It’s 2016 and the world is becoming a much better place to live in, especially with all these innovations and resources available to us.

Man or woman, foot problems or not, there is a wide range of shoes that are now available to you. It’s now in your court to decide whether it’s worth your money or not. The only thing you need to remember is that a shoe is only as good as it’s benefit. Forget the features, and just focus on the shoe that can yield significant returns to you regarding comfort, durability, and style.