Best Shoes for Bunions – Stylish Look and Comfort

Choosing the best shoes doesn’t have to leave you confused.

Chances are, if you have bunions you may need different types of shoes to keep you comfortable and prevent your bunion from worsening or even to correct it.

You may need a shoe for various activities such as one for work, one for casual use and one for exercise.

We want to help you find the footwear you need without getting frustrated and giving up. Here you will find some different shoes that are suitable for different activities.

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These shoes are being made more stylish these days and are not like the ugly shoes of yesteryear.

They must be wider than regular shoes and tend to have a boxy appearance. They should have flexible soles and the toe box should provide room for your toes to roam.

Sandals are a top choice for persons with bunion pain, but these are not always appropriate depending on the occasion and the activity that you are going to be engaging in. Here are the 7 best shoes that we recommend.

Aravon Women’s Maya pump$$$4.9 out of 5
Ryka Women's Dash walking$$4.8 out of 5
Orthofeet Springfield Women’s Mary Jane$$4.7 out of 5
Dr. Scholl’s women’s Jamie fashion sneaker$$4.8 out of 5
FootSmart Stretchies Margaret$$4.8 out of 5
Merrell women’s Encore Nova Crystal$$4.9 out of 5
Wellrox women’s Austin Sandal$$4.8 out of 5

Best Dress Shoes

The Aravon Women’s Maya pump is made from leather with a synthetic sole. It features a platform that measures 0.5 inches and a heel that measures 2 inches.

It is available in 6 color styles with leather and metallic leather finishes. The foot bed is made from Velocor and is removable.

The manufacturers utilize a Primalux comfort cushion and Abzorb cushioning in the shoe to provide optimum comfort and the outsole features a Stridarc rocker.

You will love this shoe if you are looking for a classy Mary Jane type shoe that can be worn to classy occasions. You will enjoy the level of comfort it offers without sacrificing style. Its deep heel and removable footbed ensure that you have space for a foot brace inside the shoe if you must wear one.

The overall design for this shoe provides benefits for your hips, knees and legs. The shoe’s Stridarc rocker sole helps to reduce fatigue on your feet which makes the shoe perfect for work if you have to spend a good amount of time on your feet. 

Best Walking and Running Shoes

The Ryka Women’s Dash walking shoe is made from synthetic material featuring a synthetic sole in a low profile design.

It is designed for walking and as such is very lightweight. It has a mesh upper that enhances breathability and with a reinforced toe and supportive overlays it provides support.

The collar and tongue of these shoes are padded and there is a lace-up closure to ensure stability and keep the shoe on your feet.

Available in 9 different style options the design is sleek and doesn’t look like a bunion shoe. You will love this shoe if you like to walk or jog and need a shoe that will accommodate your bunion and still provide you with comfort and support for your joints.

It is also a great pick for regular daily activities such as running errands and doing your usual weekly shopping. You will love the Ortholite footbed especially if you have a bunion that is a little more advanced than a beginning stage. 

A Pair of Comfortable Shoes

The Orthofeet Springfield Women’s Mary Jane is a synthetic shoe with an orthotic insole. The heel seat is gel padded and there is an anatomical arch support to help alleviate heel pain and foot pain. The orthotic support is removable, so you can take it out when not needed. The insole is made with Ergonomic-StrideTM technology that provides cushioning.

It also helps make walking easier as it facilitates the movement of your feet while softening the step and alleviate the stress on your joints. The interior is smooth and soft eliminating pressure points on the feet and enhancing comfort while protecting sensitive areas.

You will love these shoes if you not only have bunions but also have plantar fasciitis or heel spurs as it is designed to alleviate symptoms associated with those conditions. If you have any foot pain or lower back pain or are diabetic, arthritic, have sensitive feet, hammer toes or corns you will love these shoes. 

Best Sneaker

The Dr. Scholl’s women’s Jamie fashion sneaker is made from leather with a synthetic sole. It is a lace-up sneaker featuring decorative stitching.

The sneaker includes a cushioning and massaging gel for comfort. Available in two styles the shoes are easy to put on and are lightweight.

Their fashion forward design makes them stylish and cute for those who want to remain fashion forward. It features a Dri-Lex lining to keep your feet cool all day. The traction outsole provides excellent walking grip as well as more comfort.

If you love a shoe that makes you feel like walking barefooted, then you will love the Dr. Scholl’s women’s Jamie fashion sneaker. The shoe is also suitable for those who suffer from swollen feet. You will love these sneakers if you like to walk or engage in low-intensity exercises. 

FootSmart Stretchies Margaret

The FootSmart Stretchies Margaret shoes are made with a four-way stretch fabric upper. It is available in five different style options so you can find the one that fits your style the best.

This makes them not only suitable for persons with bunions but also for persons that suffer from swollen feet, hammertoes and many other foot problems. The outsole is made from thermoplastic rubber providing slip resistance thanks to its exceptional traction capabilities.

You will love this shoe if you have to wear a foot brace as the EVA foam insole can be removed so that there is more toe room in the shoe to accommodate your brace. You will love that you can adjust the amount of arch support you get thanks to the hook and loop instep straps.

You will love the feel of the stretch fabric and how it envelopes your feet, hugging each curve to provide support and comfort.

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Best Slip-On Shoes

The Merrell women’s Encore Nova Crystal shoe is made with suede upper and an M Select GRIP sole. It features a faux fur lining for a comfortable to the touch feel. The M Select FRESH technology is also integrated into this shoe allowing for odor prevention.

There is also the M Select GRIP technology which provides traction to keep you on your feet.

The Midsole features QForm technology which helps to maintain your stride for absolute comfort and to prevent fatigue. The shoe is available in 8 different style options to give you variety so you can choose the design which is most stylish to you.

You will love the slip on design which allows you to put on and take off these shoes easily and quickly. They are a great go-to shoe for casual wear and around the house and yard use.

Their faux fur lining provides a soft and cozy touch and with the M-Select FRESH technology you don’t have to worry about having funky feet. 

Best Sandals

The Wellrox women’s Austin Sandal is made of leather with a unique design. Available in 8 styles these are not your conventional flip flops. They have individual toe separators that train your toes to splay more so you can have better balance. When you have proper toe form, you can get rid of some pain in your knees, feet, back neck and shoulders.

They feature a contoured footbed with raised sides and are designed to not only provide comfort but also to help with your gait and your stride. The footbed is wider than most other sandals of this nature allowing each toe enough room to be comfortable on the sandal.

You will love that the toe separators are padded so they won’t irritate your toes or cause any discomfort. You will love just how comfortable these are.

They cradle your feet with their raised sides and provide exceptional cushioning with their super comfortable foot bed. 

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These are the most comfortable shoes for people with bunions you will find out there. You may need more than one of the footwear here depending on how your usual week is set up. You may need one for work, one for casual outings and one for exercise. We highly recommend the Aravon Women’s Maya Pump for women who are on the go.

It is ideal for wearing to work and also great for some after work encounters, whether it is dinner at a fancy restaurant or a girl’s night out at the club.

It can also be worn for casual trips to go to the grocery store and other errands as well since it doesn’t have any bells and whistles.

Because of its versatility, we would recommend it above the rest for those seeking the best footwear that fit for your bunions that can be worn for many different occasions.