Top 7 Shoes for Flat Feet – Get Rid of the Pain and Discomfort

While having flat feet may have its advantages, running or walking may pose serious issues for many persons who have this condition.

At times, this brings about great exasperation and pain.

Does it have to be this way, though?

Definitely not!

With a suitable pair of shoes, most or all of the problems that co-occur with flat-footedness can become a thing of the past.

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“Flat feet” is also referred to as acquired foot disorder and is the end-result of having a collapsed arch. In most cases, when you’re in a standing position, the sole of your feet should not entirely come into contact with the ground.

However, there are persons whose feet have fallen arches that result in the soles being on the brink of touching the ground. Is this a bad thing? Well, yes!

Here are a few of the most highly recommended shoes for flat feet. Stay with me! You don’t want to miss a thing.

Top 7 Shoes for Men

ImageDescriptionBest forPriceRating
Brooks Men's Addiction WalkerWalking$$4.9 out of 5
New Balance Men's M1080v3Jogging$$$4.8 out of 5
ASICS Men's Gel-Solution Speed 2Tennis$$4.7 out of 5
Clarks Men's Portland 2 Easy Slip-OnCasual$$4.7 out of 5
Caterpillar Men's Diagnostic Steel-Toe Waterproof BootBoots$$4.8 out of 5
Vionic Wave - Unisex Orthotic SandalsHome$$4.9 out of 5
Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Men's Mick SandalSummer$$4.7 out of 5

Top 7 Shoes for Women

ImageDescriptionBest forPriceRating
Brooks Women's Addiction WalkerWalking$$$4.8 out of 5
ASICS Womens GEL-KayanoJogging$$4.9 out of 5
New Balance Women's WX608V4Tennis$$4.7 out of 5
Aetrex Women's Helen Stretch Mary JaneCasual$$4.8 out of 5
Women's Classic 9 Inch Side Zip Tactical BootBoots$$4.8 out of 5
OluKai 'Ohana Sandal - Women'sHome$$4.9 out of 5
Propet Women's W0089 Pedic Walker SandalSummer$$4.8 out of 5

Best Walking Shoes

Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker

Hey Fellas! Do you want to remain comfortable and well-composed when doing your casual runs? If so, this is your final stop.

First of all, this shoe has what I call the progressive diagonal rollbar that provides you with great support. So, when your foot is going from the outside and it wants to move inwards a little bit too much, it’s going to help correct you and keep you through a pleasant and neutral path.

That means that when you’re on your feet all day, you’re not going to get those same stress-related injuries that you can experience if you don’t have that stability.

Other features include the cushioning system on the heels which results in less fatigue at the end of the day. Most of all, this shoe provides comfort through its uppers. It is soft from the top right through to the base and helps to keep your feet flat and cozy.

Its leather is soft and gives a comfortable feel around the foot. This means that if even if you have various toe defects, this shoe will fit your feet comfortable.

Verdict: Whether you’re a nurse, courier or just someone on your feet all day, you’ll get the comfort and support that you need, from this shoe. 

Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker

Ladies, do you regularly experience knee problems and have a tiresome time finding shoes that won’t cause your feet and knees to aches following a hectic and long day at work? Meet the Addiction Walker!

With its MoGo midsole cushioning, your feet are kept super comfortable while you walk. Also, it brandishes a suppler full-grain leather upper that protects your ankle and keeps you stable. Overall, it provides you with great support.

It’s long-lasting and energy-efficient midsole compound which plays the role of an insole board provides even more cushioning for your feet. What more could you ask for?

Imagine that with its highly dependable slip-resistant outsole you can walk all day without coming to a fall. Falling can be embarrassing and can even result in minor or major injuries. That’s exactly what these shoes prevent.

If you’re a casual everyday walker, you’ll be feeling the fit and feel of these shoes. Mile after mile, you can be ensured that you’ll always remain comfortable and injury free. Get yours today!

Verdict: For females who are raided by feet-related injuries, the Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes make haste to assist you by providing you with comfort and slip-resistant features. 

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Best Sneakers

New Balance Men’s M1080v3 Neutral

Do you enjoy trail or track runs? I surely do! But, there’s nothing worst that to be running in shoes that are of low construction and lack the degree of comfort that you require to accomplish a productive run.

Standing as a major front liner for Balance’s most durable and well-crafted shoes, the Men’s M1080v3is suitable for trails and tracks.  For persons who have neutral feet, these brandish features that allow for better arch support, greater speed due to its lightweight composition and coziness because of its well-suited padding.

Imagine that you can have a wide range of colors and patterns because of its unique design and an extensive array of shades. This helps you to stand out on your runs. Better get ready for all those compliments that are coming your way!

Running for long distances can result in aches in your heels. That, I’m totally aware of. The M1080v3’s N2 heel cushioning provide you with extreme shock absorption and protection for your heels and ankles.

Verdict: Sold in a wide variety of colors and patterns, these shoes are well-suited for trails and tracks, and supplies users with excellent comfort, stability and ankle protection. 

ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 19

For females who continuously undergo injuries and discomfort while running through cities, parks or even your own backyard, it is very critical that they wear shoes that won’t allow them to become fatigued or hurt their feet afterward.

The ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 19 Running Shoe is here to save the day! It is furnished with an Impact Guidance System (I.G.S.) which significantly improves the stride of your feet’s natural movement.

Moreover, you’re granted more cushioning because it has a GEL cushioning framework in the front and back of the shoe, to give you that shock-resistance and flexibility that you require.

Already faced with feet-related injuries? No worries! The shoes are equipped with a Biomorphic Fit upper that brandishes flexible mesh material which allows fresh air to enter and keep your feet cool. This also reduces irritation and provides more comfort.

Having smelly feet is an undesirable situation to be in. However, the shoes have a ComforDry sock liner which aids in the cushioning of your feet and prevents the occurrence of foul odors.

Verdict: Some females who engage in various kinds of runs regularly experience injuries. However, the Gel-Kayano 19 Running Shoe for women works assiduously to provide comfort and stability for its users. It also has features such as I.G.S., which improves your strides. Don’t delay! Get yours today! 

Best Tennis Shoes

ASICS Men’s GEL-Solution Speed 2

Guys, do you have problems with your tennis game?

If yes, I’ve got the answer! The Asics Gel Solution Speed 2.

Asics premium, lightweight shoe just became faster than ever!

The lateral forefoot of the shoe has been flared out just slightly which is designed to improve lateral stability for when you change direction at top speed.

To improve the comfortable and stability of your feet, it offers a low-to-the-ground ride and form-fitting cushioning which makes it the fastest and most comfortable shoes on the market.

The Speed 2 offers a minimum break in and feels fast right out of the box to give you that level of flexibility that you’ll need on the court. It’s also light and fast-feeling from the first wear.

You’ll like the way that the uppers flex and move with your feet. It also offers a lot of support in the forefoot. This allows for quick movement along the court and helps to catch your opponent off guard.  There’s also an extra pair of lace around the back to keep the shoes fitted comfortably on your feet.

Worrying about slipping or sliding? It provides enough traction to make the first aggressive step. Your opponent will be in total shock at your performance!

Verdict: Going into a lightweight and speed-oriented shoe, you know what you’re going to get. With the many comfort and traction-related features of the ASICS Men’s GEL-Solution Speed 2 Tennis Shoe, you can get your game on anywhere and at any time! 

New Balance Women’s WX608V4

If you’re an athlete who wants to achieve your goals, without the occurrence of any feet problems, the WX608V4 Training Shoe is eager to help you!

Being in shoes that have high heels is not appropriate for most training routines.

In fact, that can hinder your ability to move freely and affect your stability, by extension. That sounds like more bad than good.

However, these shoes have heels that are just 1.75 inches high. Yes! 1.75 inches. That’s perfect for keeping you fairly grounded and stable while you train.

Its reliable Abzorb shock-absorbent technology creates the path to arch support and ankle protection. It is also of a lace-up type, which acts as a safety belt for your feet. Subsequently, your feet will be seated perfectly in them.

If you’re tired of wearing the typical white, why not have your own style? You can choose from its wide array of colors such as black, brown, gray/pink, and others. Therefore, you can stand out while you perform!

The WX608V4 Training Shoe has shafts which measure 2 inches from the arch. What this means is that for narrow and long feet persons, fitting won’t be an issue.

Verdict: Stay comfortable and stable while in training. That’s exactly what the X608V4 Training Shoe helps you to do. How? With its features such as low-level heels and shock-absorbance. Not to mention the wide range of colors it comes in. 

Best Dress Shoes

Clarks Men’s Portland 2 Easy Slip-On

Clarks has been a long-reigning brand for high-quality shoes.

The Portland 2 Easy Slip-On isn’t just another item in its line of products, it is classic and provides great comfort to its users.

These slip-on are made with nice leather which throws in a more premium look and provides extreme long lastingness. It has a slip-on design and a stretchy material around the collar area that allows you to get in and out of them with great ease.

Because the footbeds are removable, they can make room for your own customized ones. Your feet are kept sturdy and comfort because of its shock-absorbing footbeds and midsoles. Even if your feet should hit a hard area with moderate force, you’ll still experience minimal discomfort.

The Portland 2 Easy Slip-Ons possess a flexible design with durable rubber on the outsole. These attributes aid in giving you the ability to move quickly and freely while on the go while being comfortable. There’s nothing more important that!

Verdict: It’s just too easy to be comfortable and look good with Clarks. These Portland 2 Easy Slip-Ons stand as the masters of comfort. They can easy be “slipped-on” at any time and any place. You definitely couldn’t ask for more. 

Aetrex Women’s Helen Stretch Mary Jane

There’s no other place to look if you’re in search of shoes that provide you with great arch support and comfort except for the Helen Mary Jane.

I know that for most women, shoes are very important especially if they suit all their needs.

Sometimes that is even impossible or difficult to find.

With the Mary Jane, you get a roomier fit because of its stretchy upper and user-friendly single strap. If you’ve developed conditions such as Callus on your toes, your feet will get a wider space to move about.

With its customizable shoe pads, you could simply remove parts of the pad to get a better fit. Moreover, the Mary Jane’s removable shock-absorbing insole provides additional 1/4 inch to allow any orthotic to fit this shoe. They also brandish a wide toe box and stretch to conform to the shape of your feet.

Their new stylish design provides you with a more elegant look and will have you feeling confident all day long. They are also true-to-size, which means that there’s no reason to worry that they won’t fit perfectly.

Verdict: When you speak about style, comfort and flexibility, you’re talking about the Aetrex Women’s Helen Stretch Mary Jane. Dive into its sea of features such as shock resistance, amazing styles and sufficient space for your feet to work around. This shoe is something to grab! 

Best Boots

Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Boot

Caterpillar is renowned for its ongoing production of some of the best work boots for today’s most hardworking laborers.

If you work in industries that involve working with heavy machinery or harsh chemicals such as the construction industry, you should know that you’ll require safety-certified footwear.

Having heaving materials falling on your feet without protection is not something you’d want to experience.

Its tough steel-toe design allows your toes to be under constant protection from hazards like those.

Its hard leather material also keeps your feet well protected from sharp objects that may pierce the material and eventually injure your feet. Because of its full lace-up design, they won’t fall off your feet when you walk.

These shoes can also be used for rugged hiking because of its high-tech midsoles comfort which guarantees all-day comfort when you’re on your feet more often than not.

The Diagnostic Steel-Toe keeps your feet dry because of its water-resistance feature. Whether working in wet or dry conditions, you’ll always be assured that no water will get inside the shoes.

Verdict: Head to work in the comfort of the Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Steel-Toe Work Boot. There is no need to wear a blocky, stiff work shoe when you can get the safety certification that you need in a comfortable work shoe like the Diagnostic Steel-Toe. 

Original S.W.A.T. Women’s 115211 Boot

Standing as one of the most popular boots work law enforcement, military personnel and specialty department operators, these work boots are well-crafted with high-quality material and remain in great shape even after a long day.

Because the protection of your ankles is very crucial when working for long periods, the Original S.W.A.T. makes a great effort to provide additional support for your ankles.

Also, it has enough traction to keep you well-grounded while working and prevents slipping and falling.

In addition, it has 1.5-inch heels which are suitable for low-level activities. They also keep you stable even when walking along dangerous levels.

Another great thing about the Original S.W.A.T. is its lightweight composition. This helps you to move freely without you feeling like you’re heavily burdened. This can help to improve your level of productivity while on the job.

Imagine that you return home from work and just want to get your shoes off and just relax. You won’t want to be struggling to do so, right? Well, these shoes have size zippers which allow you to remove the shoes quickly from your feet.

Besides, maybe you’re in a rush to get to work. They can speedily be put on so you can hit the road!

Verdict: Whether you’re a part of law enforcement, military or just a typical laborer, the Original S.W.A.T. Women’s 115211 Work Boot will do great wonders in terms of comfort, stability, flexibility and durability. If you’re looking for all these attributes packed in a single pair of shoes, you’ve just found what you’ve been looking for. 

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Best Slippers

Vionic Wave – Unisex Orthotic Sandals

Aren’t you just tired of constantly experiencing foot pains? Are you just dying to overcome those undesirable situations?

I hope so because I have some friends here for you to meet. Meet Vionic Wave – Unisex Orthotic Sandals.

Whether you’re a male or female, just grab these and go. They have features such as built-in biomechanical orthotic footbeds which help your feet to be properly aligned when you walk.

Its arch support and deep heel cup keep your feet in place, instead of slipping along the sides as you walk or while you stand. They have a soft, padded upper with a fabric toe post for a comfortable fit.

Because of its lightweight build, you are free to move about with little or no resistance. There’s nothing more annoying than not having the freedom of movement. Don’t you agree? Totally!

They also feature a durable rubber outsole with wave pattern thread to help with traction. Feel the comfort in just an hour of use!

They are really comfortable and provide a little extra room at both ends. This aids in keeping your feet free from squeezing and reduces the buildup of moisture.

Walk in any weather condition in these shoes. Its water-resistant feature prevents water from soaking through when walking in wet conditions.

Verdict: Offering unrivaled support in a sandal, the Vionic Wave – Unisex Orthotic Sandals stands the breadwinner for comfort and stability. Its water resistance helps to keep water from absorbing through the material. Why are you still sitting there? Get yours right now! 

OluKai Ohana Sandal – Women’s

Whether you like to wear sandals only at summer time or you’re someone who lives in them, this sandal for women will modify your way of thinking when it comes on to warm weather footwear.

This flip-flop has a contoured footbed that’s ideal for stability and support. The OluKai doesn’t bend too much, which means that it’s going to provide adequate stability for all day wear or even for activities like hiking.

Talk about uniqueness!

The Ohana has excellent arch support, which is one of the most favored attributes of these flip-flops. The arch isn’t too high and it is not too low.

It also has this great, grippy ICEVA footbed that’s super comfortable, gives just a little bit when you step in and then keeps your feet in place so that you can enjoy all the arch support that the Ohana supplies.

The straps are super comfortable and surprisingly quick-drying. They also work to keep feet in a relaxed and well-footed condition. The width is also great and is not so wide that it gives an athletic look but wide enough so that they don’t dig into the foot uncomfortably or chafe at all.

The footbed is also great when it comes on to traction. It keeps the foot from slipping around inside the footbed.

Verdict: Overall, the Women’s OluKai Sandal is a great pick for warm weather. It provides users with exceptional stability, even when going on hiking trips. Features such as ICEVA footbed supplies you with excellent comfort in any condition. Get yours today! 

Best Sandals

Vionic with Orthaheel Mick for Men

Why not always remain comfortable and stylish whenever you step out? Don’t know how to? Well, meet the Vionic with Orthaheel Mick.

The Vionic is made with a refined synthetic upper which provides a more premium and stylish look.

It is equipped with a padded jersey lining which provides excellent breathability.

In addition, it features the podiatrist Orthaheel technology and a deep heel cup that aims for better feet alignment and support.

I’m certainly aware of all the stresses your feet can experience on a daily basis. Besides, shocks to your feet can cause severe injuries in some cases. However, the Vionic possesses a contoured EVA midsole which provides you with extreme stress reduction and shock absorption.

It is important that your feet don’t slide to either sides of the sandal while you walk or when you stand. That would result in a degree of instability.

Now, the full rubber outsole has flex grooves which allow you to remain stable due to its gripping ability and helps you to gain control of your movements.

Verdict: If you’re in search of a healthy footwear option, the Vionic with Orthaheel Mick is a perfect fit. With its safety, comfort and stability-related features, you can be assured that you’ll get your money’s worth. 

Propet Women’s W0089 Pedic Walker Sandal

“Turning up” this summer?

You know that you’ll need a pair of sandals to beat the summer heat, right? Great!

Here’s a pair of comfortable sandals which provide you with great support and style – the Propet Women’s W0089 Pedic Walker Sandal.

The Pedic Walker is not just your typical sandal. It possesses various shoe-like attributes such as a 1.25-inch heel which keeps you well-grounded and stable while you walk or stand.

Besides, it has leather uppers with several foot hook-and-loop straps that provide superior comfort. You can adjust the straps to your liking.

Even for long walks, the Pedic Walker is downright comfortable. Why? Because it is fully lined with leather and microfiber for added comfort.

It has insoles that cushion your feet and air cell polyurethane outsole that in turn supplies you with a great lightweight, flexible and durable sandal.

If you suffer from heel pains, this sandal will protect you at every step. How does it do this? It is moderately styled and with excellent airflow in spades, with support at the back of the heel. Because of this, your heel will remain injury-free even after a long day.

Verdict: For all-day support, comfort and flexibility, the Propet Women’s W0089 Pedic Walker Sandal intrigues you with its astonishing blend of features. Get yours this summer! 

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Our Best Pair for Flat Feet & Overpronation

It is no doubt that persons with flat feet require suitable shoes that will provide them with the comfort, stability and durability that they need.

The entire collection of my top rated shoes for flat feet aims to provide customers with excellent style, long lastingness and most importantly, comfort. However, how do you know which specific model does it best?

In my view, the Vionic Wave – Unisex Orthotic Sandals stands out among the rest. Reason being that it can be worn by both male and female. Its water resistance helps to keep water from absorbing through the material.

It also features built-in biomechanical orthotic footbeds which help your feet to be properly aligned when you walk. Along with the other features that come with this model, these sandals stand in a lane by themselves!