Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia – Combat Your Pain

Metatarsalgia is a common injury caused by overuse and describes a condition that causes inflammation and pain in the ball of your foot.

It affects the bones found between the arch of your foot and your toes.

In many cases metatarsalgia is caused by heavy impact sports. Heavy impact sports are not the only causes, however.

Simple exercise such as jogging, walking, or even abnormal distribution of weight on the feet could cause metatarsalgia.

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As with many conditions of the foot, there are many types of footwear in today’s market to help combat the pain and irritation experienced by persons suffering from ball of foot pain. Continue reading to learn about some of the best shoes for metatarsalgia.

Top 3 Shoes for Women

MBT Women's Mila Laceup$$4.9 out of 5
OESH Women's La Vida v2.0$$$4.8 out of 5
Drew Women's Excel Sneaker$$$4.7 out of 5

MBT Women’s Mila Laceup

This specific shoe by MBT is made of a leather and mesh material that provides optimized airflow through the shoe, so you do not have to worry about sweating that may irritate your metatarsalgia.

Another benefit of this shoe for people with this condition is that the sole is crafted of a strong rubber. This provides a sure-footed step, although it is disappointing to find that the stitching that attaches the soles may wear out after about three weeks.

This is a board lasted shoe, with both the forefoot and rearfoot containing a board last. This dual board last is what the company built and shaped the shoe around. Being board lasted only means a more rigid and stable shoe, compared to most athletic shoes.

In addition to being rigid, these shoes are comfortable. They allow the wearer to stand on their feet for up to 12 hours or more.

These shoes seem to be a smaller size than anticipated. For this reason, you should go to a retailer where you can try on the shoe. If you order online, it is recommended that you order a half size bigger than you would usually purchase.

This is because the shoe uses European sizing methods. Unfortunately, MBT does not manufacture footwear anymore. Only the shoes that are in storage and in stock are available.

Verdict: This shoe is not without its downsides. However, the level of comfort and sturdiness balance out the negative features. This is especially true since they allow to stand for long periods of time without pain. 

OESH Women’s La Vida v2.0

OESH Women’s La Vida v2.0The OESH La Vida version 2.0 was invented for the sole purpose of alternatively providing assistance to many medical conditions of the foot. Crafted by women medical engineers who hold a Harvard medical doctorate, this specialty shoe puts others to shame.

Some of the benefits of the La Vida v2.0 include a patented sole that helps to distribute your weight evenly throughout the entire shoe. With this, you may apply weight to the affected foot without worsening your pain levels.

Another benefit is that the wide and roomy forefoot area of the shoe provides a high level of comfort and natural foot movements.

There are a few downsides to this shoe. First, while the insole of the shoe is flat and level to provide accommodation of any foot type, there is no arch support whatsoever. The upside of this is that the shoes for the ball of foot pain will accommodate customized orthotic insoles.

Unlike the MBT Mila Laceups, this shoe runs larger. All this means is that you will need to purchase half a size larger than your current size.

Something else to consider is the rigidity of the materials of this shoe. If you order a half a size too small, do not try to stretch out the shoe. This shoe will never stretch or change shape.

This means it provides great support, but it also means that it will not stretch to conform to your foot during a severe flare-up. The other advantage of this is that the outer of these shoes is built to last

Finally, the low profiled ankle of this shoe may cause blistering. You can prevent this, however, with a thicker sock, slighter taller than the height of the shoe. This will prevent irritation.

Verdict: This is a highly-recommended shoe to help deal with the pain. It has a few drawbacks but provides excellent support while being roomy enough inside to help many foot conditions. 

Drew Shoe 10164 Women’s Excel

These women’s Excel shoes by Drew are breathable near the rearfoot and have a stretchable forefoot, which allows them to accommodate the foot. This shoe is crafted from leather and has a thick rubber sole, which provides a little bounce to your step.

Another feature of this shoe that makes it a contender for the best shoe for metatarsalgia for women is the midsole, which is fashioned with EVA to make it a lighter and stronger material. This provides support but allows it to be comfortable enough during flare-ups of your foot condition.

This is an interesting shoe because it has multiple customizable features to it. This includes a removable polyurethane insole and 2 separate footbeds for extra padding and height when needed and the option to remove them when you need more room.

Another benefit of this shoe is a dual shank system meant to provide extra support in the arch of the shoe. This ensures that the shoe does not bend at the middle of the shoe, but only at the toes, giving the shoe a barefoot-like feel. This shoe will usually run half a size smaller than your current shoe size.

Verdict: The Women’s Drew Excel is a highly customizable shoe that will accommodate many types of feet. Its high level of customization, arch support, and bare-foot feel makes it great. 

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Top 3 Shoes for Men

MBT Men's Sport3 Walking$$$4.9 out of 5
MBT Men's Kabisa Casual$$$4.8 out of 5
Drew Shoe Men's Lightning II$$$4.7 out of 5

MBT Men’s Sport3 Walking

The MBT Men’s Sport3 walking shoes are crafted using fabrics and a synthetic leather material, being specially designed to allow air flow through the shoe.

The sole is made out of a synthetic rubber that adds cushioning to your step.

Although there is more cushion, the synthetic sole is firmer than most, probably because the heel of the sole is an inch and a half and the platform of the sole is an inch in height. This makes the perfect blend of comfort and support.

The sole is designed to have the rocker style. This makes it easier to walk because it is reducing the shock that causes forefoot pain. Additionally, this design allows the wearer to take longer strides. That means fewer steps and less physical work required.

The rocker style sole allows you to stay on your feet and work for as many as 18 hours a day. The final benefit is that even straight out of the box, these shoes are tremendously comfortable. No break in is necessary.

Now, let’s discuss the downsides of this shoe. First, the laces seem to be “slick” as they are easily unknotted, no matter how tight the knot. It is highly recommended you pick up a couple of pairs if you like them. Unfortunately, MBT is going out of business.

Verdict: The MBT Sport3 shoes are an extremely comfortable style of shoe that will keep you motivated and on your feet all day long, even with capsulitis symptoms. 

MBT Men’s Kabisa Casual

The Kabisa Casual style dress shoes for men are a rocker style of orthopedic shoe.

The shoe itself is crafted out of leather while the sole is made from an anti-slip rubber that gives your foot a firm grip, reducing slippage that can exacerbate your metatarsalgia.

The craftsmanship is nice, with the leather being so strong that it is even scratch resistant.

Additionally, it features a loafer style that allows the wearer to look fashionable in a suit and a tux, as well as casual at the grocery store.

The other benefit of this shoe for capsulitis is the comfort. The insole has a pleasantly-cushioned padding that will allow every step to feel as if you are walking on a cloud.

You will likely find that your metatarsal pain has dramatically reduced within four hours of wearing this model of MBT shoes.

Additionally, they are sturdy enough to withstand heavy usage and wear every day for five years. The rocker style of the shoe makes walking easier by helping you to resist dragging your toes.

This specific model of shoe usually runs smaller than your current size. With that being stated, it is recommended that you might want to order half a size larger than your true shoe size. These may be a little difficult to break in, so plan to allow up to 5 days to adjust to comfort.

Verdict: The Kabisa Casual MBT shoes for men is an outstanding shoe that allows the wearer to look casual and professional. It also helps with metatarsal pain by providing a comfortable walking motion and preventing you from dragging your toes. 

Drew Shoe Men’s Lightning II

The Drew  Lightning II stands out from the crowd compared to normal orthopedic shoes. It has been completely designed to remain looking like a tennis shoe while providing the benefits of an orthopedic shoe.

Strong and durable leather keeps the shape of the shoe through many years of use. A strong synthetic nylon mesh allows the maximum amount of air flow to occur, keeping your feet dry.

These shoes are also easy to put on because they have Velcro instead of laces. Near the rear of the collar of the shoe is a pull tab, making the shoe even easier to pull on. Another benefit is the comfort because this shoe offers a heavenly soft step. This is because the shoe is padded all around- even the ankles are comfortable.

Although this is a heavily padded shoe, you will need to order a different size than your current pair of shoes. All of the padding will make it a tighter fit so that you may need a whole size to a size and a half larger.

Verdict: The interesting style of this orthopedic shoe keeps your confidence high no matter what you do. These shoes are easy to slide on and offer plenty of padding that makes them incredibly comfortable, both benefits for people suffering from metatarsal bones pain. 

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Since everyone’s foot is unique, not one single shoe is best for every foot. However, it seems that in each of the categories, one shoe stands above the rest.

Best Shoe for Women: OESH Women’s La Vida v2.0

This shoe stands above other women’s best metatarsal shoes because it was medically designed to treat metatarsalgia and other common foot problems and it delivers. It has a rigid outer that allows it to last for years.

It benefits metatarsalgia because it is supportive, accommodates any amount of swelling from your condition, and allows customized inserts.

Best Shoe for Men: Men’s MBT Kabisa Casual

This pair is beneficial because its rocker style makes walking easy while preventing your tendency to drag your feet on the ground.

These shoes are nice enough that you can wear them to work or special occasions but casual enough for your trip to the grocery store.

The best part about them is that nobody will be able to tell you are wearing orthotic shoes. While you will need a little less than a week to break these shoes in, you will find that the padded insole is soon so soft and well conformed to your feet that it feels like you are walking on clouds.

Metatarsalgia can be a painful condition to deal with, especially if you spend a lot of time on your feet. Fortunately, the right shoes can help alleviate this pain. As you shop around for the right shoe for you, remember that everyone’s foot is unique.

The best shoe for someone else may not be the best shoe for you. Start with the shoes on this list and find out which features help to relieve your pain from capsulitis.