Top 5 Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma with a High Level of Comfort

This medical condition is affecting many people, from late teens to their 60s and older.

It often appears as a callus located on the ball of your foot.

Though it can be present anywhere on the ball of your foot, it is most common to have symptoms between the third and fourth toes.

Morton’s Neuroma affects twice as many females compared to males, most likely because women tend to wear shoes that crunch near the toes and put pressure on this area of the foot.

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In addition to a callus, people may notice pain in the ball of their foot.

This can be a sharp, burning pain or a dull ache. Some people also experience a numbness or tingling feeling. This foot pain is most present during the day, especially when you are on your feet. It is rarely present at night.

There are many different ways that you and your doctor may treat it. In its earliest stages, it is often dealt with through self-care, including orthotic inserts and choosing wider, better shoes.

In this article, you will learn all that you need to know to choose the best shoes for Morton’s Neuroma. Finding the right match for you may help you deal with the pain and inflammation associated with your condition.

#ImageDescriptionMen's or Women'sFeaturesPriceRating out of 5
1New Balance Women's WW847Women'sLarge toe box, rubber outsole$$$4.9
2Hoka One One Women's W Clifton 2Women'sCompression molded EVA midsole, encourage a natural gait$$4.8
3Clarks Women's Wave.WheelWomen'sSpecial carbon rubber pads, slight arch support$$4.9
4New Balance WR10GY MinimusWomen'sMinimalist feel, breathable$$$4.8
5Dansko Women's Valerie CanvasWomen'sVegan-friendly, thick and cushiony soles$$4.8
6 New Balance Men's MW927 HealthMen'sAbsorbs impact, minimizes rear-foot movement$$$4.9
7Saucony Men's Progrid Kinvara 3Men'sMemory foam heel pads, Pro-Grid shock absorption$$4.8
8Xelero Milan Men's Comfort OxfordMen'sMedicare approved, slip resistance $$$4.7
9Altra Men's Paradigm MaxMen'sZero drop and roomy toe area$$4.8
10Orthofeet Shreveport Mens Extra DepthMen'sMulti-layer orthotic insole, gel-padded heel area$$$4.9

Top 5 Shoes for Women

New Balance Women’s WW847 Walking

This shoe features a large toe box and plenty of cushioning, both necessary features. The softness of the cushioning balances out with good support.

These are so comfortable you will find yourself being able to stand through a long day at work (up to 12 hours) and also allows you to walk longer distances. The large design of the shoe also allows it to work well with custom orthotics.

It features a roll bar that stabilizes your foot to help you walk forward without rolling your ankle, as well as a lightweight design that will not tire out your foot.

The rubber outsole grips the ground well, preventing slips that may worsen your condition. Another nice feature is that it has breathable mesh overlays that will keep your foot from getting too hot.

There are some considerations you should make before purchasing the shoe. It can run large, which becomes worse because of the width of the shoe.

For this reason, you may want to order half a size smaller than you typically would. Additionally, there is not enough arch support from some feet but you can remedy this with an insert.

Verdict: This shoe has many great qualities that cater to foot conditions. It has a few downsides, but you can easily overlook these because of its benefits. 

Hoka One One Clifton 2 Running

These innovative women’s shoes have a full-length, high-impact polystyrene inner paired with a compression molded EVA midsole that cradles the ball of your foot.

They also feature meta-rocker geometry and similar heel and toe depths to encourage a natural gait.

Finally, the toe box has plenty of room, which is important.

When you look at these shoes, you will see there is plenty of cushioning. The shoes look heavy visually with the additional padding.

Surprisingly, the cushioning and thick rubber insole are very light together. They also make the Clifton 2 an excellent shoe for foot problems, knee pain, and back pain.

This shoe has poor arch support for some, though this offers the roomy toe box. Even though the toe box is wide, the rest of the shoe can be too narrow for some people’s feet.

Verdict: This shoe is great for a lot of foot issues. It is an excellent choice whether you need it for standing long periods or running because of its high level of comfort, natural movement, and good support. 

Clarks Women’s Wave Wheel Sneaker

This leather shoe features a rubber sole, injected EVA outsole, and dual-density Ortholite footbed, all features that make this shoe comfortable enough.

The outsole is also designed with special carbon rubber pads at key strike points meant to absorb impact. These pads and the rocker profile of the shoe maximize your energy return to propel you forward.

The body of the shoe offers plenty of support and it is firm enough to provide the stability you need. The outsole grips well. The arch support is present but slight, making it a great choice for people with flat feet.

Though this shoe is comfortable enough that you can usually wear it all day, it does get warm in some cases because of the leather. You should also note that these shoes take a little bit of time to break in but it will be well worth it when you feel the comfort.

Verdict: This is a good walking shoe. Even though it gets a little hot at times, its high level of comfort and the low impact that it offers while walking makes it an excellent shoe for relieving the pain. 

New Balance WR10GY Barefoot

This particular shoe offers a minimalist feel, with little arch support and a natural heel to toe drop that mimics the barefoot feel. The composition of the shoe is synthetic and mesh materials, which allow it to be breathable.

Additionally, the rubber sole has a nice rebound and propels your foot forward, resulting in the comfortable walking or running experience that you deserve from a shoe.

This shoe is true to size. Additionally, the comfort offered by the insole and midsole paired with the rebound helps relieve pressure felt on foot, as well as the joints of your knees, hips, and backs. The final benefit of this shoe is the wide toe box.

The only downside to this shoe is that it can take a while to break in if you are not used to minimalist footwear. Once you have gotten through the break in period, however, you will be glad that you gave it a try.

Verdict: This shoe offers comfort, natural movement, and a wide toebox to help lessen your pain when you suffer from Norton’s Neuroma. There is a short period of adjustment for people who have never worn minimalist shoes but it is well worth it. 

Dansko Women’s Valerie Canvas Dress

This vegan-friendly shoe offers wonderful arch support, unlike many of the shoes that benefit Morton’s Neuroma.

The design of this shoe is nice enough that it could be a dress shoe for work or a night out on the town, though it is comfortable enough to wear like a sneaker.

An easy-to-attach Maryjane strap holds this shoe on, making this shoe very easy to get in to. Its comfort comes from the shoes roomy toe box, thick and cushiony soles, and thick rubber outsoles that absorb impact as you walk.

The only downside of this shoe is that it does not hug your foot as much as a sneaker would. This is likely because the easy-on strap does not offer the same customization as shoelaces.

Verdict: These cute  shoes are great for being on your feet all day and it is nice that they are useful for dress or casual wear. They are comfortable, absorb impact well, and are easy to put on. 

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Top 5 Shoes for Men

New Balance Men’s MW927 Walking

This construction of this shoe consists of a leather upper and rubber sole. Inside the shoe, you will find a noncellular elastomer known as ABZORB SBS.

The purpose of this material is to absorb shock as you walk and add to the comfort of the shoe. Shock absorption and superior cushioning from an Eva midsole come together for incredible comfort.

A rollbar system minimizes rear-foot movement to stop motions that will worsen your pain.

The outer rubber outsole is compression molded.  The unique Dupont Engage and Isoprene rubber helps to absorb shock as well and propels your foot forward.

This minimizes the work that you have to do when walking or running, as well as absorbs impact, so you do not feel it in your foot or your joints.

Verdict: This is one of the best shoes because it absorbs impact, naturalizes your walking pattern, and prevents worsening of your pain. 

Saucony Men’s Progrid Kinvara 3 Running

The design of this shoe offers incredible cushioning and comfort without being too thick.

The sole is flex foam welded to the upper to reduce the thickness of the shoe.

Its comfort comes from high-abrasion EVA that designed to last and a contoured foam sockliner. Additionally, memory foam heel pads work to hold your heel in place and prevent slippage that can exacerbate your condition.

The other benefit of this shoe is Pro-Grid shock absorption in the heel of the shoe and high-durability XT-900 rubber designed to offer support in key areas.

This absorbs the harsh impact that can worsen your condition and bounce your foot back as you walk, maximizing the way you use your natural forward momentum. Additionally, the upper is very breathable to stop sweating feet.

Verdict: These shoes are an excellent choice to improve your foot health and they relieve some of the pain. 

Xelero Men’s Milan Leather Dress

This shoe features patented XPS technology that propels your foot into a stable forward motion as you walk.

Its comfort comes in the form of an EVA shock-absorbing midsole and gel pads in the forefoot and rearfoot of the shoe. The rubber outsole is comfortable and grips to reduce slippage.

Another benefit of this shoe is the arch support, which offers a natural heel to toe transition as you walk.

Additionally, a specialized footbed wicks away moisture to keep your foot feeling dry.

The leather insole inside of this specialized footbed is durable and offers an extra level of support. This shoe is Medicare approved for certain conditions.

The downside of this shoe is from the leather upper. Though leather is more durable and will last longer than other material choices, it is hotter to wear and requires a break-in period.

Once broken in, however, the upper will conform to your foot the way a boot would.

Verdict: There are many advantages of this shoe, including its Medicare approval rating, EVA insole, and slip resistance. Its removable insoles are also a nice featu because you can remove them if you need more room or add a custom insole if you choose. The leather has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Altra Men’s Paradigm

These shoes by Altra feature a design for running, fitness, and cross training, though they work well for normal wear as well. The design of the shoe lets it handle many conditions. They effectively reduce forefoot pain, pain from bunions, knee pain, and shin splints during active wear.

The incredible amount of cushioning in these shoes makes them feel like clouds on your feet. They also feature a zero drop and roomy toe area, which allow them to accommodate any foot type.

The extra space in the front is of particular importance because a tight fitting shoe will crunch your toes together and worsen your pain.

The downside of this shoe is that it tends to wear out easily, especially when used for running. This is disappointing, but the comfort is excellent while it lasts. There is also minimal arch support because of the minimal drop but you can change this with an insole if you choose.

Verdict: These are great shoes, so it is disappointing that they wear out so easily. They relieve the pain well during active wear but can also function as a casual shoe. 

Orthofeet Shreveport Men’s Extra Depth Outdoor

These shoes offer plenty of orthotic support, though they do not look like orthotics.

They are lightweight and offer support in all the right places from anatomical arch support, a multi-layer orthotic insole, and a gel-padded heel area.

The gel padding adds comfort to the heel and prevents your foot from slipping around inside of your shoe.

This shoe also offers a foam padding that takes the pain off of pressure points on sensitive feet and a lightweight design that softens your step.

The roomy toe box takes pressure off the front of your foot and a stable design improves your natural gait. The extra depth is ideal for accommodating swelling or inflammation that comes from certain conditions, as well as adding customized orthotic inserts if you choose.

This shoe is a little too wide for some people’s feet. You may be able to correct this with a high-quality insole. It also would be nice if there were forefoot padding in addition to the heel area padding.

Verdict: This shoe is specifically designed to offer comfort for many foot problems. This is true even without the extra gel cushioning in the forefoot. They are too wide, but you can add an insert if necessary or overlook the flaw if they are a good fit for your feet. 


As you browse these reviews for the best shoes, keep in mind that each person’s foot is unique. The best shoe for you may not be the best shoe for someone else. Regardless, here are the shoes that topped the categories for men and women.

Best Shoe for Women: Clarks Women’s Wave Wheel

This particular shoe is best because of its high levels of comfort and support and additional features that help people suffering from the pain. As a leather shoe, it may be hot than some others and it takes time to break in.

After the break in period, however, you will find this shoe to be comfortable. The leather and extra rubber in key strike points on the sole also make it more durable than some other shoes.

Best Shoe for Men: Orthofeet Shreveport Men’s Extra Depth

This extra deep shoe ranks as the best because its orthopedic design especially targets foot problems. It features a nice deep inside that accommodates swelling and inflammation, as well as allows room for an orthotic insert if you need one.

As you choose your shoe, keep the specifications of your foot in mind. Always choose a shoe that does not pinch your toe area, as this can exacerbate pain and inflammation.

You should also avoid shoes that place the pressure of walking on the ball of your foot. Keep in mind that your foot is unique. Shop around until you find the right shoe to help relieve the pain.