Best Shoes for Heavy Walkers and Runners

If you are overweight, part of being healthy or trying to lose weight is walking and running.

Every step counts toward your long-term health.

Unfortunately, most shoes are not built for people with overweight and obesity.

This can lead to discomfort, increased wear and tear, or even an unpleasant walking or running experience that may deter you from activity in the future.

The good news is that there are shoes for obese people on the market. The key is finding a shoe that provides the right support and resistance to make running and walking easy on your feet.

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Once you have done this, you must consider if the shoe will support your weight and provide the same features they advertise. You should also consider other features of your feet, like under- or over-pronation.

Finally, take these features and look for a shoe in your budget range. Keep reading to learn about the top choices for walking or running shoes for overweight people.

ImageDescriptionFor Men or WomenFeaturesRating out of 5
Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 3WomenLightweight and breathable, do not have to fight odors4.9
Saucony Women's Hurricane 15WomenHeel support, wide toe box, stable4.8
New Balance Women's W1340WomenLessens the impact on joints, prevent pronation4.7
RYKA Women's DesireWomenNatural movement because of a flexible sole, optimal shock absorption4.8
New Balance Women's WW846WomenFeet do not get sweaty or damp, stabilization from motion control4.8
New Balance Men's MW928MenGood foot and ankle support, 4.7
Salomon Men's X-TourMenCushioned footbed and padding around the ankle4.8
New Balance Men's MW665MenGood arch and heel support4.8
ASICS Men's GT 1000 4MenGood-sized toe box, durable outsole, midsole, and insole4.8
New Balance Men's MW577MenWater resistant, well padded but still lightweight4.9

Top 5 Walking & Running Shoes for Obese Women

Skechers Women’s Go Walk 3

This casual walking shoe comes in a wide range of colors so you can show off your personal style and they are easy to slide on, meaning you do not have to bend over to put on your shoe.

They also feature an anti-microbial sock liner that means you do not have to fight odors in your shoe. Additionally, these are lightweight and breathable, both factors that are important in a walking shoe.

These Skechers walking shoes have many features for comfort, including an Ortholite footbed, a flexible outsole, and a Resalyte comfort foam midsole. Additionally, the sole of the shoe features GOimpulse sensors that direct your momentum for a better walking motion. The final advantage is that these are available in wide sizes.

There are a few drawbacks of this shoe. While the minimal, natural arch support feels good on some people’s feet, it may not be enough arch support for some people. The toe box is not very tall, so if your feet are tall, then these shoes may not fit comfortably.

Verdict: This shoe is an excellent choice for overweight people, provided their feet are not tall and they do not have high arches. 

Saucony Women’s Hurricane 15 Running

These running shoes for overweight women feature a lightweight design and flexible rubber outsole.

The outsole bends with every step as the rubber sole and PowerGrid midsole work to absorb impact, so you no longer suffer from achy joints after running.

They also have plenty of padding and vivid, stylish designs that show off your personality.

Another great feature of this shoe is stability. It features a curvature inside the shoe that offers heel support and helps distribute your weight more evenly as you walk.

It also has a wide toe box, but it is stable enough that your foot does not slide around. These shoes also prevent rolling of the ankle and foot and are deep, leaving plenty of room for an insole.

The major downsides of this shoe include the depth of the heel support, which is steep for some people. Additionally, the laces of the shoe are thin and slip easily but these are cheap to replace.

Verdict: The inside of this shoe locks your foot into place and prevents rolling. If you have flat heels, it may not be a good fit but this is otherwise a great shoe for obese runners. 

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New Balance Women’s W1340v2

This shoe features a breathable mesh upper and a thick, 1.5” rubber sole that absorbs impact with the help of ABZORB cushioning in the forefoot of the midsole. It also has comfort from the padded tongue and collar, which reduce the chance of blisters.

This shoe is also designed to be stable, by preventing pronation. It has a good sized to box, though some people found the toe box on the ‘narrow’ and ‘normal’ width sizes were too small.

There is great support everywhere except the ankles and the shoe accommodates wide and flat feet comfortably. Additionally, it lessens the impact on joints that are already stressed when you are overweight.

The one major downside of this shoe is the rubber tips of the sole, which may detach. This is especially true if you drag your feet.

Verdict: If you need a lot of ankle support, these are not the best option. Otherwise, they help eliminate pain by absorbing impact and having decent padding. 

RYKA Desire Running

The Desire Running shoe by RYKA has many features that add to comfort, including an Ortholite insole, a padded but breathable mesh upper, and roomy toe box.

It also features a 3D foam injected outsole that provides excellent traction, optimal shock absorption for reduced joint impact, and better comfort. Finally, it provides great propulsion for running with an outsole that ‘rolls’ forward and a midsole that rebounds energy through your feet.

At first glance, the shoe appears to be narrow. However, it pulls on and will stretch a little with time. Once on, it holds its shape and forms to your foot for a customized fit. Another benefit is the flexible sole, which allows a natural movement of your foot.

There are two downsides. First, the shoes are good for short distances but will get damp if you wear them all day. You may not want to wear them if you are walking a marathon or long distances.

Additionally, the soft sole adds comfort but it wears down quickly, especially on concrete or asphalt.

Verdict: This pair has definitely earned its place under the best. 

New Balance Women’s WW846 Walking

These walking shoes offer stabilization from motion control provided with a ROLLBAR TPU and a TS2 system.

This stops over- and under-pronation frequently caused by flat feet. The inner lining and padding offer comfort from Phantom Liner technology that offers a seamless feeling.

Additionally, this shoe features a Lightning Dry liner so your feet do not get sweaty or damp.

The upper has leather and mesh construction, with the leather making it durable and the mesh making it breathable.

The arch support is minimal which makes them great for flat feet, but they are not good for people with high arches. You can fix this with an insole. The lasts of the shoe are also made custom for the wider sizes, so they fit your feet well.

The downside of this shoe is squeaking, though this will dissipate with wear.

Verdict: Aside from the brief squeaking period, this shoe is durable, breathable, and comfortable. It also offers the stability and support you need in a walking shoe when you are overweight. 

Top 5 Walking & Running Shoes for Obese Men

New Balance Men’s MW928 Walking

This walking shoe for burly men features stabilization from ROLLBAR technology that prevents under- and over-pronation and a uniquely shaped outsole that ‘rocks’ your foot forward to make a walking motion easier. The upper has a leather construction which is durable, but it gets hot when you walk long distances.

This shoe also offers good foot and ankle support. There is thick tongue and collar padding and ABZORB cushioning that lessens the impact felt by your foot. Additionally, a rubber sole improves impact absorption and provides a solid grip on the ground.

One downside of this shoe is that it is a little heavy. It also does not provide enough arch support, though it is deep enough to accommodate insoles.

Verdict: This shoe is a little heavy, but you may overlook this because of the many comfort features and the all-around support. 

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Salomon Men’s X-Tour Running

This shoe features a durable and breathable mesh and synthetic upper with Sensifit construction and a flexible, grippy outsole with a Contagrip Chevron construction and an OS Tendon flex groove design. The upper and outsole feature a stylish racing design with vivid colors and details.

Some other features of this shoe include a cushioned footbed and padding around the ankle and collar of the shoe. It also features a molded muscle insole and midsole that conforms to the arch of your foot for perfect support.

Additionally, though the shoe looks narrow, it stretches to accommodate your foot with a customized foot. A TPU rubber band rebounds to add a bounce to your step and reduce impact on your joints.

The only downside is that the padding in the front is a little light, which can be painful if you distribute the weight of your foot in that direction.

Verdict: This is an overall great shoe to reduce pain and other symptoms of overweight runners. 

New Balance Men’s MW665

This shoe features a breathable upper made of mesh with extra support in key areas, ABZORB cushioning that absorbs impact as you walk, lessening impact and pain on knees, hips, backs, and ankles, and a Walking Strike Path designed outsole to encourage natural walking patterns.

This shoe is also lightweight, even with the padding around the ankle and tongue.

The cushioning found inside of these New Balance shoes is firm enough to support the foot of a heavy person, but still soft enough that walking doesn’t hurt.

It offers good arch and heel support, with extra cushioning in the heel area. Designed for walking, these also make good jogging or powerwalking shoes.

The downside of this shoe is its narrow design, though New Balance does carry wide sizes. It also does not offer the arch support that some people require.

Verdict: This is not the best fit for everyone, but many corpulent people find relief in this shoe when walking or jogging. 

ASICS Men’s GT 1000 4 Running

This shoe features a stylish design that brings your feet to life. Some of its comfort features include a spEVA foam midsole that offers customized support for your arch, GEL cushioning and DuoMax support in the forefoot and rearfoot, and flex grooves in the outsole make the shoe flexible and natural when running.

The upper of the shoe is breathable and durable and the outsole provides great shock absorption.

Though this shoe is flexible, it offers the support needed to prevent pronation. It has a good-sized toe box and soft cushioning that is lightweight. The outsole, midsole, and insole are all durable, which means even overweight people can run without wearing the cushioning down.

Verdict. This shoe is durable enough to support extra weight while providing the most comfortable running experience you have ever had. 

New Balance Men’s MW577 Walking

These shoes feature an outsole with Walking Strike Path technology that improves your walking motion. It also features ABZORB cushioning reduces impact on your joints, taking care of back, ankle, and other pain you may experience from walking.

They are also well padded but still lightweight, making them easy and comfortable to walk in.

The leather design features holes for breathability but they still get hot. They are water resistant because of the leather though. The outsole has rubber construction to absorb impact.

There are a few downsides to this shoe. The seam between upper and sole can come apart after several months of wear, the shoe does not support high arches, and you will need to break them in but they will conform to your feet with time.

Verdict: This shoe is not without its drawbacks, but it is a durable and water-resistant option that may be good to have on hand for wet days. 


So, the most comfortable shoes for runners and walkers who are overweight include:

Best shoe for heavy women: New Balance Women’s WW846 Walking Shoe

This shoe has a brief squeaking period when it comes out of the box, but it offers support and comfort otherwise. It prevents pronation, has a soft inner lining with dry technology, and provides a durable but breathable outer.

Best shoe for heavy men: ASICS Men’s GT 1000 4 Running

There are no downsides to this shoe, with lightweight cushioning, GEL in key areas, a flexible outsole, and stabilization. All the materials are durable, so they will stand up to the extra wear that happens to shoes when you are overweight.

The best shoes for overweight people depends on your specific foot needs. You should also consider if the shoe appears durable, how well it will reduce impact on your joints, and if it will provide the right levels of comfort and support.