Top 10 Budget Basketball Shoes Under 100 Dollars

Basketball is becoming more popular than ever before.

If you’re a big fan of basketball, the highly competitive face-offs such as the March Madness and other championships are on high alert for the NBA teams and fans all around the world.

Players will finally get to “turn up” their swag for the playoffs and journey to take home the title.

As the lights get brighter and the pressures of competitive rivalries heighten, a proper pair of shoes becomes a very important gear to have.

Check out a pair if you are in a hurry: adidas Performance Cloudfoam Ilation

Shoes can be quite expensive, but the best usually have certain features that will help you to move with great agility, flexibility, and comfort up and down the court.

There are many different types of inexpensive shoes on the market, but how will you discover the perfect pair to suit your needs? This top 10 list of the best low-cost basketball shoes on the market will guide you to finding your perfect pair.

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ImageDescriptionPriceOur Rating
adidas Performance Cloudfoam Ilation$$4.9 out of 5
AND 1 Men's Master 2$$4.8 out of 5
adidas Performance Men's Amplify$$4.7 out of 5
Reebok Men's Royal BB4500 Hi$$4.8 out of 5
adidas Performance Men's Isolation 2$$4.8 out of 5
Champion Men's Playmaker$$4.7 out of 5
New Balance Men's BB581$$4.8 out of 5
AND 1 Men's Rocket 3.0$$4.8 out of 5
PEAK Men's Anti-skidding$$4.8 out of 5
Under Armour Men's UA Lockdown$$4.9 out of 5

1. Adidas Performance Cloudfoam Ilation

Being on a tight budget won’t stop you from enjoying your basketball game! With the Adidas Performance Cloudfoam IIation, you can grace the court in fine style, comfort, and with immense flexibility.

The Cloudfoam IIation has that mid-cut to give you exceptional padding support around the ankle to keep you comfortable at every step.

It also has synthetic nubuck leather throughout the top with perforations on the sides and top to ensure that your feet receive the much-needed cooling.

These shoes have a 3-strip design on the sides and a lace-up closure to secure your feet in place in the event of any unbalance on the court.

Additionally, they have a soft and breathable fabric on the interior for added comfort and a lightweight foam insole with EVA to provide more energy return and shock absorption without weighing the shoes down.

Imagine that you can run, dribble, and outscore your opponent without slipping because of the sturdy rubber outsole on the bottom. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Verdict: Don’t let the Adidas Performance Cloudfoam IIation past you by. At such an affordable price, they’ll give you the ultimate level of comfort, flexibility, and agility on the court to defeat your opponent once and for all. 

2. AND 1 Men’s Master 2

If you’re serious about improving your basketball skills, then the AND 1 Men’s Master 2 are your ultimate shoes.

From running up and down the court to dribbling past your opponent, you can finally take your basketball game to the next level.

This shoe was designed to make you feel good and look good. It comes in a wide variety of fresh colors to help you stand out on the court.

It has synthetic leather uppers which are more lightweight than regular leather. This way you can make higher jumps and “dunk” on your opponents.

Running on the hard surface of the court is sometimes uncomfortable. Thanks to the heel airbag design, you can get additional heel comfort all game long. To add, the mesh tongue with padding gives your feet more comfort and breathability.

Wow! That’s all I can say.

No player wants to suffer from sore feet or injured ankles after a basketball game. The AND 1 Men’s Master 2 comes with internal molded EVA midsole to provide superior comfort.

You no longer have to worry about getting sore. Instead, you can focus on your game and make your team proud!

Verdict: The AND 1 Men’s Master 2 will make you look and feel good on the court as the crowd chants your name. Play in style, comfort, and remain sore-free during and after the game.  It’s the Men’s Master 2 from AND 1. Be forceful, fiery, and focused. 

3. Adidas Men’s Amplify

Live your dreams and play like your favorite basketball player. Play in shoes that intensify your game. Become a basketball legend with the Adidas Men’s Amplify.

The Adidas Men’s Amplify offers great ankle support. You can also get good traction and achieve those high air jumping you often see in those heated basketball matches.

The thing that I like most about the Men’s Amplify is their high level of comfort. You can play a full basketball game in them and still remain comfortable for the entire game.

These shoes are very attractive, so be prepared for those compliments to start rolling in. They come in colors such as red, black, white, and gray.

Imagine that you can get durability and solid traction from the Men’s Amplify’s non-marking rubber outsole. Wouldn’t that be great? Those benefits are all important in the game, anyways. Not to mention the Adiprene footbed for cushioned landings and lightweight flight.

Do you often feel hindered during your basketball game? If so, you might just need more comfort. The Adidas Men’s Amplify come with a bold, breathable combination of materials and EVA sock liner to give you that added comfort.

Verdict: The Adidas Men’s Amplify is a fantastic cheap basketball shoe with features to “wow” any player. It has an amazing blend of urbane qualities to make basketball more enjoyable and competitive. Get yours today! 

4. Reebok Men’s Royal BB4500

There’s nothing better than a classic shoe straight out of a royal collection. Agree with me? Either way, that gives us a hint of what those shoes that really do. Of course, we’re talking about the Reebok Men’s Royal BB4500.

If you’re looking for a high top shoe that gives support to ankles and is mostly dark without wild colors, then the Royal BB4500 is definitely for the one for you. You’ll be very impressed with the dark blue soles, which even look better in person.

You can also benefit from the easy break in that the padding offers. In all honesty, these shoes even feel better than how the look.

The high abrasion rubber outsole offers a high degree of durability and traction to prevent slipping on the smooth court surface. In addition, the shoes come with a cushioned midsole to keep you comfortable and classic features for a modern style.

If you have any type of foot or ankle condition, the Reebok Men’s Royal BB4500 has an ortholite sock liner for cushioning and can accommodate orthotics.

Verdict: The Reebok Men’s Royal BB4500 is a classic shoe from a royal collection. It comes in a dark and light colors and gives excellent ankle and foot support on and off the court. 

5. Adidas Men’s Isolation 2

The Adidas Men’s Isolation 2 will make you the highlight of the entire match with its intriguing features. It’s all you desire in a quality shoes and will never disappoint.

These shoes are made with materials of very high quality and offer great support and comfort. You can also wear them casually or during your workout exercise. They provide exceptional arch and lateral support as well as shock resistance when running on any surface.

The comfort that you’ll get from the Adidas Men’s Isolation 2 will surpass your expectations. They are very comfortable to wear. They provide excellent stability at every step and give you a relaxing feeling on the bottom of your feet.

Are you worried about leaving trail marks on the court? Worry not, my friend. These shoes come with non-marking rubber outsoles to do the job.

They also have EVA midsoles for lightweight cushioning. Another cool feature to mention is the TORSION SYSTEM which promotes midfoot integrity.

Verdict: The Adidas Men’s Isolation 2 is a great shoe that helps you to stand out on the court. It comes which a fascinating blend of features to match your requirements and improve your game. 

6. Champion Men’s Playmaker

For some players, looking sporty and stylish is always important. If this describes you best, take a look at the Champion Men’s Playmaker.

Don’t spend hours in the dressing room to get your shoes on.  Just a simple pull of the ankle pull tab located at the back of the shoes and “wholla!” – they’re on!

You just cannot go wrong with such a convenient feature.

The non-marking outsoles on these shoes are vital keeping you stable and flexible without leaving any marks on the court surface.

Marks can distract both the players and the crowd from the game, so thumbs up that such a wonderful feature.

Comfort is everything. Whether on the bench on the court, the padded insole will keep your feet feeling relaxed and comfortable, offering you a full day’s worth of cushioning and coziness.

The Champion Men’s Playmaker has very small perforations on the front and sides to increase airflow to keep your feet cool. The lace-up closure works to secure your feet to prevent the shoes from falling off, even if someone steps on it by accident.

Verdict: The Champion Men’s Playmaker is decent in its design and offered features. The ankle pull tab is a really convenient feature that numerous shoes lack, so hats off to the Men’s Playmaker from Champion. 

7. New Balance Men’s BB581

Basketball is all about commitment – the commitment to play better and realize your dreams on the court. Make this your mission by partnering with the New Balance Men’s BB581.

The Men’s BB81 comes in three different colors; black, white with navy and white with black.

The shoe weighs just 379 grams, making it a lightweight shoe to propel you for those crowd-smashing slam dunks.

Regardless of your position on the team, these shoes will provide comfortable cushioning and additional traction during and after the game. They also have a herringbone outsole for added comfort.

Have you ever been in a game where your shoes start to feel like they’re coming off? I totally hate when that happens too. Thanks to the lace-up design on the New Balance BB581, those days are finally over.

The rubber sole is sturdy and strong and works to keep you on your feet in any position.

Your ankles will be very happy about the padded interior. This provides great cushioning for your ankles to protect them from too much bending.

Verdict: The New Balance Men’s BB581 is designed for players who are committed to excelling in their overall basketball performance. It provides excellent cushioning, comfort, and ankle protection. Moreover, they come in three different standard colors to match with any jersey. 

8. AND 1 Men’s Rocket 3.0

Soar to new heights when you step onto the court in a pair of AND 1 Men’s Rocket 3.0. Your teammates, fans, and coach will love you for it!

The Men’s Rocket 3.0 is going to give you a nice, sleek, and mean look. It is made with synthetic leather and some really appealing details to create a beautiful and style appearance. These shoes are available in many different colors to keep your options flexible.

Imagine that your ankles and feet can benefit greatly from the extra cushioning around the collar and in the tongue area. That’s another push to reach for the stars!

The footbed is removable, so you can add your own customized one if you need something more comfortable or stylish. A highly-cushioned footbed is perfect for keeping you comfortable out there on the court.

The Men’s Rocket 3.0 takes on a low-profile design and has some small areas on the sides to help with those quick lateral movements. It also has some sticky rubber on the bottom to increase your stability and flexibility.

Verdict: Take your game and elevate it with the Men’s Rocket 3.0 from AND 1. With such incredible features, you can remain comfort, agile, protected, and agile as you strive for greatness. 

9. PEAK Men’s Anti-skidding

Do you have a burning desire to outshine your opponents on the court? Are you willing to go the extra mile to achieve greatness? Start with getting the PEAK Men’s Anti-skidding. Everything will fall into place after that, trust me.

The Men’s Anti-skidding is an excellent shoe that deserves its spot as one of the best. It is well designed, reliable, and fits perfectly on your feet. It’s all you need in a stylish and comfortable shoe and one that offers great ankle support.

The uppers are designed with the “PEAK” logo to highlight the shoe’s aesthetics and the brand’s identification.

The shoes have a pull tab at the back for easy on and off, perforations on the front and sides for extra ventilation. This way, your feet will remain cool all game long.

The Men’s Anti-skidding takes on a leather design which gives it a more premium look and zestful upper design joints with smooth leather to enhance the breathability of the shoes.

Verdict: The PEAK Men’s Anti-skidding is one of the best ways to ignite the court and take your game to higher heights. Its place as one of the best cheap basketball shoes is well deserved, in all honesty. 

10.   Under Armour Men’s UA

True or false; Can the Under Armour Men’s UA help you to achieve great things in basketball? Let me give you some insight on that amazing shoe before you answer, okay?


The Under Armour Men’s UA have a sturdy synthetic upper with an EVA sock liner on the bottom of the footbed to give you plenty of underfoot cushioning and support.

Beneath that is another layer of EVA super thick midsole for endless energy return and shock absorption for your next game.

The shoes have a full-length one-piece rubber outsole with multidirectional tread patterns to keep you nice and steady. It has that nice sturdy flex with lots of padding around the inside collar for added support.

Imagine that you can get medial and lateral support from the blend of leather and lightweight synthetic leather overlays. In my view, these shoes look very stylish and attractive.

The unique combination of patterns creates the appearance of an authentic shoe. The logo on the side toward the front section of the boots also highlights the shoe’s aesthetics. Now, you can tell me your answer!

Verdict: The Under Armour Men’s UA is a strong, sturdy, and stylish shoe that will undoubtedly prepare you for the high intensity of the game. Get yours ASAP! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to shine. That’s what you are – a star! 

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As time goes by, basketball seems to be getting bigger and better. With major events such as March Madness, NBA teams compete to show the world what they’ve got.

As basketball games continue to become more intense and competitive, the need for a proper pair of shoes arises. There are many varieties shoes on the market with different brands, styles, and features, but some are really expensive!

The most comfortable cheap basketball shoes that the market has to offer come with excellent features to help you dominate the sport and take home titles after titles. Most budget shoes come with features such as EVA midsoles, sturdy uppers with perforations for extreme cooling, along with other advanced and useful features.

If I had to choose from the reviewed pairs of the affordable shoes above, I’d have to go with the Adidas Men’s Isolation 2. It really stands out when compared to the others. It has all the features of a great pair and even comes with the TORSION SYSTEM which promotes midfoot integrity.

Take your basketball game to the next level! Start by getting your perfect pair of basketball sneakers online for cheap, then play in comfort, style, and with pride and honor to your team!