Top 5 Crossfit Shoes – Get the Support & Comfort for Your Workout

The Best CrossFit shoes are designed specifically for the sport of CrossFit.

This type of activity is focused on high-intensity workouts and functional movements.

It includes Olympic weightlifting movements, running and body weight exercises.

As such you need shoes that will give you comfort and flexibility when you are running and stability for weight movements.

When evaluating these shoes, you want to look at the level of support, protection, comfort, sensitivity and durability that they offer as well as how well they will perform for weight lifting and running.

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When it comes to deciding which product is best, it is usually a hard task especially when you can’t test out all the products on the market.

So to make your choosing the best shoes easier we have gone and put together a list of shoes for women and a list of shoes for men to steer you in the right direction.

Find some of the best shoes on the market that are designed for CrossFit by continuing below.

Top 5 Shoes for Women

ASICS Women's GEL-Fit Sana$$4.9 out of 5
Reebok Women's R Nano 5.0$$4.8 out of 5
Nike Women's Free 5.0$$4.7 out of 5
RYKA Women's Hydro Sport Water$$4.9 out of 5
Puma Cell Riaze Women's Running Shoes Sneakers$$4.8 out of 5

ASICS Women’s GEL-Fit Cross-Training

The ASICS women’s Gel-Fit cross-training shoe is made in a slip on design with a fabric upper and rubber sole. It features a faux lace design and is made with soft mesh with the logo printed on it. The heel cage and the soft mesh upper is made with woven bands.

Inside you will find the MONO-SOCK fit system which offers stretchable comfort for flexibility and support during movements. The Gel-Fit from ASICS features a low profile midsole with an AHAR+ high abrasion outsole.

If you want shoes that are easy to put on and take off without having to fiddle with laces, then you will love the slip-on design of these shoes. They can accommodate orthotics if you need to use these as the insole is removable so you can replace it with ones specific to your foot conditions.

Available in 12 different styles you can choose an option that most closely matches the majority of your workout gear. 

Reebok Women’s Nano 5.0 Training

The Reebok women’s Nano 5.0 shoe is made with a synthetic textile upper and features a synthetic sole. The upper is made with Kevlar material infusion in certain areas to provide protection and support to ensure the durability of the shoe.

The shape of the shoes has been reengineered to provide a better fit for your overall foot and also a more contoured heel counter.

The midsole with its NanoShell material is hard and supports your feet when performing heavy lifts as well as lateral and medial movements while providing a soft point of contact for your feet.

Available in 19 different style options the fashion forward women will love these. You will love that they are lightweight, comfortable and have a removable insole.

If you want a shoe that will help your movements to improve while improving your speed, this one is a great pick. 

Nike Women’s Fit 5 Training

The Nike women’s Fit 5 shoe is made with a breathable mesh upper with internal zonal support.

Its outsole features Nike Free flex grooves that help with flexibility as well as comfort.

The midsole area features Cushion foam which provides a very cushioned landing surface so your feet will be comfortable while performing heavy lifts etc.

You will love these shoes as they are lightweight and very breathable. They offer support and comfort through your workouts as well as for regular walking use.

You will find them to be a great pair if you get shin splints easily as these will reduce how often you get them if any at all.

They provide a great overall fit and have adequate arch support. Made from Nike, you know you are getting a high-quality product that will last. 

RYKA Women’s Cross-Training

RYKA women’s crossfit shoe is made with a leather upper and rubber sole.

This shoe is designed with water use in mind and as such features a water draining system that can only be described as superior.

There are draining ports along the removable sole as well as a footbed that is made from perforated nitracel.

The sticky rubber sole helps to ensure traction in water and on wet surfaces.

This is a good pair of shoes for those who need a shoe that can be used in activities that require encounters with water.

The shoes are made from chlorine resistant material so that you don’t have to worry about chlorine causing the shoe to disintegrate.

With a superior drainage system and a quick dry upper, you don’t have to worry about these drying fast after completing water training. 

PUMA Women’s Cell Riaze Sneaker

The PUMA women’s Cell Riaze sneaker is made with a synthetic textile upper and rubber sole. It is available in five styles and features ethylene vinyl acetate as well as bubble technology.

This technology is what gives the shoe the ability to provide the type of comfort that a woman needs.

They are designed to offer a precise fit so keep this in mind when choosing your size.

You will love the Cell Riaze sneakers from PUMA if you are looking for a comfortable, lightweight and stylish shoe at an affordable price.

They have a roomy toe box so are suitable for wear by persons with wider feet as well as for those who just love when there is a lot of toe room in their shoes.

If you need a shoe for indoor as well as outdoor, then these are a great pick. 

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Top 5 Shoes for Men

Reebok Men's R Nano 5.0$$4.9 out of 5
Inov-8 Men's F-Lite 235$$4.8 out of 5
adidas Performance Men's Powerlift.2$$4.8 out of 5
PUMA Men's Tazon 6$$4.7 out of 5
Nike Men's Free Training Shoe$$4.8 out of 5

Reebok Men’s R Nano 5

The Reebok men’s R Nano 5 shoes are made with a synthetic Kevlar infused upper and RopePro carbon rubber sole. They feature a re-engineered shape to provide the best fit for cross training exercises.

The design is anatomical as the shoe is built just to provide you with quick cuts and for comfort and stability while lifting.

Their new shape provides a better fit and more comfort. A contoured heel counter provides more precise movements to help you get better at your game.

You will love the raised outsole with lug patterns to provide better traction and contact with the surface area you are exercising on. For stability that is needed in WOD’s, you will love the 3mm toe to heel drop.

If you want to look good while you work out then these are your best bet as they come in over 20 styles, so you are sure to find one that suits you perfectly. 

Inov-8 Men’s F-Lite 235 Cross-Training

The Inov-8 men’s F-lite 253 shoe is made with a mesh and TPU upper and synthetic sole. This shoe is designed specifically for condition and strength workouts that are done at a high intensity. The toe box is made with ultra-soft microfiber along with stretch mesh with pressure venting capabilities.

The upper is made with Meta-Flex technology which allows for multi-directional flexing making a very flexible shoe. The shoe features a compressed EVA midsole.

These features provide a lot of comfort for your toes as you work out in these shoes. For reinforced durability these feature a Rope-Tec mid-foot area.

Available in 7 styles you will love the standard fit that these shoes provide. Standard fit with exceptional comfort, durability, stability and flexibility is what you can expect from these.

When it comes to protection you will love the toe bumper design which proves especially useful when doing burpees. 

Adidas Performance Men’s Trainer

The Adidas performance men’s trainer shoe is made with a mesh and a synthetic leather upper and rubber sole. The upper is made to be lightweight, durable and supportive.

It comes in wide sizes for the utmost in comfort and room for your toes to splay naturally.

These feature midsoles that are made for weightlifting with their high-density die-cut design.

This technology allows for a lightweight shoe that provides stability you would expect from a heavier shoe.

These feature midsoles that are made for weightlifting with their high-density die-cut design. This technology allows for a lightweight shoe that provides stability you would expect from a heavier shoe.

You will love these shoes if you are looking for cross trainers but also want a shoe that is designed more for weight lifting.

They feature a wedge heel and offer a flat profile outsole which is just perfect for weight lifting there is also the rearfoot integrity which is provided by the single instep strap that you will find in these shoes.

These provide ultimate power in your lift and you will love that about them. 

PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Cross-Training

The PUMA men’s Tazon 6 cross-training shoe is made with synthetic leather upper and a rubber outsole. This athletic speaker features a mid-foot saddle and a T-toe overlay and features side paneling that is perforated.

There is external cushioning in the heel area in the form of EVA material and the collar and tongue are padded and lined with mesh.

You will love this shoe if you want a shoe that offers streamlined silhouette but all the cushioning and comfort you need to have an ache-free cross fit session.

They provide a good fit and proper support for your arches.

They are also affordably priced which is great if you are on a budget and want a good quality shoe for your workouts. 

Nike Men’s Free Trainer 5.0 V6 Training

The Nike men’s training shoe is made with a synthetic and mesh upper and a rubber sole. It features Flywire technology which provides the utmost support by wrapping and locking the foot in place.

This provides support for dynamic lateral movements. The shoe features a Phylite midsole that has a low profile design.

The sock liner is molded and minimal, mimicking the curvature of your foot to provide you with support and stability. The heel is designed anatomically to roll with the ground.

The shoe features a Phylite midsole that has a low profile design. The sock liner is molded and minimal, mimicking the curvature of your foot to provide you with support and stability. The heel is designed anatomically to roll with the ground.

You will love the free trainer 5.0 v6 from Nike if you want a shoe that will give you support and stability while providing you with a close to barefoot feel.

It is ideal for resistance training providing adequate stability while also provide the support you need for lateral movements.

You will love the comfortable fit and the nice casual look giving you the opportunity to wear it every day and not just in the gym. 

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A regular gym shoe is an excellent choice for your daily workouts but when it comes to CrossFit you want to get the best shoes that you can afford. CrossFit is like no other, so you need to find a shoe that is designed specifically for that purpose.

You want a shoe that will provide you with cushioning when you are sprinting, stability while you are lifting; secure support for jumping and your daily workouts.

You also want a shoe that will give you all the support and comfort that you need as you go through the different range of exercises. The right shoes will take care of your feet throughout the entire workout no matter what type of movement you are doing.

From our list here we would recommend the Reebok Nano 5 training shoe as one of the best CrossFit shoes you can choose. This shoe we recommend because it comes in variations for both men and women taking into consideration the different needs for both genders.

In both classes you can get this shoe in a variety of color styles so there are more options to choose from to ensure you get a personalized style.

They are designed to be lightweight and to provide all the comfort, support and stability you need for your workouts.

These are a must buy and made by Reebok a longstanding and well-renowned maker of quality athletic footwear you know you will get excellent bang for your buck with this purchase.