Best Budget Running Shoes for Men and Women

Shoes can be very expensive.

Often, we hear that when we spend more on any particular product, we’re getting a higher quality.

Yes, this might be the case for some people, but it is not always true when it comes on to shoes.

As a runner, you need the best footwear to optimize your overall performance and comfort. But having a quality pair of shoes for running won’t require you to break the bank or squander all your life savings.

Check out a pair if you are in a hurry: Men | Women

There are plenty of affordable shoes on the market that can fit perfectly into any budget. The best jogging shoes usually come with remarkable features to maximize your flexibility, comfort, and speed while running those long distances.

Beyond that, these shoes offer great foot and ankle support and protect you from injuries and other implications. Let’s look at the best cheap running shoes to help you find your perfect pair.

#ImageDescriptionMen's or Women'sFeaturesPriceRating
1Tesla Men's Lightweight E621 / E630Men's Extreme breathability, a quick-drying mechanism$$4.9 out of 5
2JACKSHIBO Couple Casual SneakersMen's Super lightweight, comfortable and fit like a slipper$$4.8 out of 5
3Adi Mens Breathable Lace-UpMen's soft and bendable soles, pocket-friendly $$4.7 out of 5
4Aleader Men's Mesh RunningMen's Hydro-grip outsole, a “barefoot” feel $$4.8 out of 5
5Dream Pairs Flexible Sport SneakersMen's Cushiony foam insole, added foot stability$$4.8 out of 5
6Aleader Women's Sport ShoesWomen'sCushioned and Shock Absorption Insole, Lace-up Design with Back Pull Tab$$4.7 out of 5
7Womens Athletic Knit SneakersWomen'sLace-up closure, high-quality synthetic material$$4.8 out of 5
8Santiro Women's Athletic ShoesWomen'sNice-looking design, padded collar$$4.8 out of 5
9Champion Women's Black GustoWomen'sNon-marking outsole, flexible outsole$$4.8 out of 5
10Aleader Women's Running ShoesWomen'sDouble-Layered Fabric Knit Upper, shock absorption$$4.9 out of 5

Top 5 for Men

Tesla Men’s Lightweight Running Shoe

The Tesla Men’s Lightweight E621/E630 is an affordable, high-end shoe with a stylish touch. It is comfortable enough for moderate wear, mainly when walking, running, and playing sports. The shoe features a distinct dual-vent mesh which offers extreme breathability for your feet and a quick-drying mechanism.

The synthetic materials are high-quality and give these shoes a significant boost in durability. The bottom sole is highly flexible and sports the hydro-grip technology for increased stability and traction on all surfaces.

For the price, you’ll surely be surprised at the features you get from these Tesla shoes. For one, they feel very light and flexible when running.

The insoles are also thin, but they provide adequate support for your feet. Besides, the rich materials inside provide extra cushioning so your feet can relax and remain comfortable while you walk or run.

If you’re choosy when it comes on to style, these shoes offer an impressive selection of different colors and styles to match your taste.

Other major features include:

  • Tesla Flex Groove Sole for flexible movement
  • Thermal Bonding PU Pattern plus the ergonomic side pattern design that aligns with your movement for added stability and support.
  • Dura-Glide durable EVA midsole for infinite durability and flexibility.

Verdict: All in all, the Tesla Men’s Lightweight E621/E630 is lightweight and provides excellent comfort, flexibility, and traction, at a decent price. 

JACKSHIBO Couple Casual

The JACKSHIBO Couple Casual shoes have a somewhat similar design to the popular Kanye West Yeezy’s. They are super lightweight, comfortable and fit like a slipper, and are pretty stylish in their design.

These JACKSHIBO shoes come with fabric lining for added comfort and breathability.

As a bonus, you can wear them as slip-on or lace-up, depending on your mood.

Imagine that you can choose from a wide range of different colors to match nearly everything in your wardrobe. This pair offers many color variations including black, red, pink, blue, green, and so on. There’s no limit to your style when wearing these Couple Casual shoes.

These shoes are also fit for all-season wear. The upper material is fly woven fabric, which helps to keep your feet cozy. The anti-slip rubber sole material boosts traction to help you stay on your feet while running or walking.

If you like running in the rain, these waterproof running shoes will keep your feet dry and warm. Be done with that wet feet BS!

The shoes also offer a comfortable fit and are unisex. Take your partner along on your next jogging trail. It will be a memorable experience!

Verdict: The JACKSHIBO Couple Casual shoes are comfortable, lightweight and very stylish. They also have exceptional waterproofing properties and are perfect for all-season wear. 

Adi Men’s Breathable Lace-Up

If you are looking for a quality pair shoes, your search is finally over. Meet the Adi Men’s Breathable Lace-Up – a lightweight, comfortable and pocket-friendly shoe.

These Adi Men’s shoes are some awesome daily sneakers with quality materials and construction.

If you walk a lot or run far distances, you’ll be happy with the comfort and arch support of these shoes.

Don’t sacrifice your comfort for anything! These shoes are incredibly comfortable. They feature the traditional lace-up design for a secure fit. Beyond that, the soles are soft and bendable, giving your feet a better fit and a cozier feel.

There are several color options available to suit your color preferences. From colors like black, black-green, black-red, red, gray-orange, to lime green and blue, you can find a color to match any running gear!

The shoes also feature imported sandwich mesh fabric for limitless ventilation, while the bottom of the shoes is a soft, shock-proof TPR. Furthermore, the rubber sole provides adequate traction to help keep you stable while running.

Verdict: The Adi Men’s Breathable Lace-Up is a cheap quality shoe with excellent features for comfort and support. It is also lightweight and offers plenty of color options to suit your taste. 

Aleader Men’s Mesh

The Aleader Men’s Mesh takes stylishness and aesthetic appeal to a whole new level!

You’ll be surprised at how great these shoes fit.

The side and back of the heel section are nice-looking and sturdy so that you can slip your foot in without the back crunching.

These Aleader shoes are also super light and sturdy. They have a five-claws side design with a robust lace-up structure at the top to give your foot added support, comfort, and protection.

Imagine that you can walk freely and stable on all surfaces due to the shoe’s hydro-grip outsole. That’s right! The cushioned insole with breathable lining provides extreme comfort and cooling for your feet while you jog on those long trails. Not to mention the double mesh upper that allows your feet to breathe.

If you typically run on rough surfaces, the shoes are lightweight enough to provide a “barefoot” feel for a more natural run. Besides, the upper holds up well and has a nice design pattern.

The Men’s Mesh comes in four colors: black, blue, light blue and carbon black. These standard colors match with almost any outfit. So, pick and choose your favorite color and wear it on your next jogging trail.

Verdict: The Aleader Men’s Mesh has a super cool design. The shoes are lightweight, comfort, breathable, and come in four standard colors to match your outfit! 

Dream Pairs 160431-M

Here’s one of the best cheap running shoes money can buy – the Dream Pairs 160431-M.

These lightweight shoes are very flexible. They offer a good amount of cushioning all around the ankle area to support and protect your ankles from injuries, especially when running.

The material is relatively soft and reliable. It’s not very stretchy, which provides added foot stability as you’re running.

The Dream Pairs 160431-M doesn’t come with a lace-up design, but it has a collar at the back from easy on and off. The material of the upper is somewhat durable and is very breathable. The fabric allows your feet to stay cool when running in a warm climate and prevents sweating feet.

The cushiony foam insole keeps your feet fully supported and comfortable while the non-marking outsole provides excellent grip to keep you on your feet all the way.

These shoes come in many different colors. From black, red, white and gray to navy blue, navy royal and red-black, you can choose your perfect color and head out on your journey.

Verdict: The Dream Pairs 160431-M has a distinct design and offers excellent comfort, flexibility and foot and ankle support. 

Top 5 for Women

Aleader Women’s Lightweight

If you are ready to take your running exercises to the next level, then grace your feet with a pair of the Aleader Women’s Lightweight shoes.

These shoes are incredibly lightweight and breathable. The insole gives extra cushioning while the midsole provides added support.

They are also ideal for running long distances. They fit true to size and offer great quality at such an affordable cost.

If you’re planning to use a treadmill, these shoes will feel great on your feet. They are super lightweight and comfortable and require no break-in time. Just put them on and head out!

Several other features include:

  • Traditional Lace-up Design with Back Pull Tab

These shoes feature five claw-shaped TPU with the traditional lace closure to provide your feet with full protection. The pull tab allows for easy on and off.

  • Breathable Mesh Upper

The mesh upper provides extreme comfort and breathability to keep your feet cool all day long.

  • Cushioned and Shock Absorption Insole

The dual-density EVA midsole offers a superior fit and exceptional shock absorption.

  • Motion Control EVA

The hydro-grip outsole delivers remarkable stability and traction for all terrains. The sole is ideal for running and offers superior motion and performance.

Verdict: The Aleader Women’s Lightweight shoes are extremely lightweight and comfortable. Besides, they come with plenty of great features for an enjoyable running or jogging experience. 

Pretty Girl Women’s Athletic Knit

Ladies, it’s time to step out in style and trendy fashion for your next run. Don’t know how? Try on a pair of the Pretty Girl Women’s Athletic Knit and everything will change!

You’ll love these shoes. They provide a comfortable fit and a nice sporty look.

Moreover, they are well made and super lightweight. Above that, the breathable knit upper keeps your feet fresh all day long.

The extra light comfortable imported high-quality synthetic material gives the shoes a nice look and also helps to keep your feet comfortable and relaxed. These shoes also feature a lace-up closure to give your feet a secure fit.

Imagine that you can choose from two awesome colors. The shoes are available in full black and gray and green. These colors look excellent on any occasion – whether jogging through the city or running through the forests.

The Women’s Athletic Knit features a useful pull tab for easy on and off. Besides, the sturdy outsole holds up well on even smooth surfaces and provide a moderate amount of traction.

Verdict: As one of the best cheap work boots for women, the Pretty Girl Women’s Athletic Knit offers excellent features to help optimize your performance on the trail. 

Santiro Women’s Sports Sneakers

Comfort is crucial for your feet. And thanks to Santiro, the Women’s Sports Sneakers are very lightweight and comfortable.

These Santiro running sneakers are light and allow for quick movement over rugged terrains. The padded collar provides exceptional comfort and support for your ankles. Besides, the convenient heel pull on top tab allows for easy on and off.

The soft fabric lining offers a comfortable wear, keeping your feet warm and cozy for the entire day. Another important feature is the lace-up design that helps to keep your feet locked in for better movements.

You’ll love that these Sports Sneakers don’t look cheap, even though they are. In fact, they have a nice-looking design. If you are a lightweight runner with regular arches, these performance-driven shoes offer some support for a faster feel.

The sturdy outsole has great-looking patterns and provides excellent traction for preventing slipping and falling. Beyond that, the shoes come in four distinct colors: gray, black, wine red and khaki.

Verdict: The Santiro Women’s Sports Sneakers are all about comfort, traction, and flexibility. 

Champion Women’s Gusto

For a sporty shoe that offers flexibility and style, try the Women’s Gusto from Champion. Featuring color accents on the upper as well as on the sole, the Gusto comes in a wide variety of fun combinations. For instance:

  • Gray coral
  • Coral Black
  • Mint/Gray
  • Gray/Coral

The colorful laces ensure a good fit so you can feel secure and supported while running errands or working out. You’ll enjoy a lightweight, flexible outsole for added stability, a padded collar for ankle support as well as soft lining and a cushioned memory foam insole, which are perfect for all-day comfort.

The Women’s Gusto is incredibly thin and lightweight, without sacrificing any arch support or cushioning. Also, the non-marking outsole leaves no trace on floors and adds a whole new level of flexibility.

These quality shoes are true to size and are perfect for long days on your feet. In fact, they might be the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever graced your feet with. They are also lightweight, which means more agility and flexibility on your early morning or late-evening jogs.

Verdict: Whether you are running to the grocery store or the gym, you know you’ll be comfortable and stylish in the Women’s Gusto from Champion. 

Aleader Women’s Running

Aleader is truly a leader in the running footwear industry.

The most noticeable feature of the Women’s shoes is their vivid, vibrant, and exciting colors.

These shoes are the definition of dynamic and cute.

A few features include:

  • Shock Absorption and Cushioned Non-marking outsole

The dual-density EVA midsole offers a superior fit and exceptional shock absorption.

  • Unique Lace-up Design

These shoes feature a cool TPU logo, and the traditional lace closure to provide your feet with full protection. The pull tab allows for easy on and off.

  • Durable and Breathable Double-Layered Fabric Knit Upper

The double-layered mesh upper provides extreme comfort and breathability to keep your feet cool all day long.

These Aleader Women’s shoes are also very lightweight, which help you to move with greater agility and flexibility. If you have high arches, these shoes will give you the right amount of arch support to keep you feeling great!

Imagine that your feet can stay cool right where you need it because of the shoe’s engineered one-piece mesh uppers. As a result, your feet can breathe much easier.

Verdict: These shoes come in many vibrant, fun colors that are appealing to the eye. Moreover, their impressive features allow for greater comfort, durability, flexibility and support. 

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Regardless of your proficiency in running, having the best footwear is always essential. As you might already know, shoes can be very costly. Besides, some people conclude that products with higher costs usually offer the highest quality. Sure, this applies to some people, but not always when it comes on to shoes.

Some shoes provide excellent features to keep you comfortable, flexible and supported while jogging long or short distances. In fact, some of the best budget running shoes have more advanced features such as waterproofing.

Comfort is everything in footwear. So, if I should recommend a product from our reviewed pairs of shoes, I’d have to go with the Tesla Men’s Lightweight E621/E630 for men and the Aleader Women’s shoes for the ladies.

Purchase your best pair of shoes today. And remember, you don’t have to break the bank to do so. Happy shopping!