Top 7 Skate Shoes – Stability and Traction with a Stylish Design

Best shoes for skating are very fashionable looking items but they are not made with the intention of purely being a fashion statement.

Skate shoes are designed specifically for skating although they are usually worn by people who do not skate at all.

They are designed to help make tricks easier and to make the entire skateboarding process more comfortable.

They are made to be durable enough to stand up to the rigors of extreme skateboarding. The different manufacturers will construct their shoes in a variety of ways but there are basic features that they all use.

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You will find that many of these shoes have double or triple stitching which prevents ripping of the fabric. Most shoes are designed with a wide flat sole to allow more of the sole to meet the skateboard.

Many brands use vulcanizing technology to attach the upper of the shoe to the sole. The soles will feature some thread design which helps to maximize traction to the skateboard. The sides and tongues are usually thick to ensure that they are comfortable and offer cushioning to certain areas of the shoe.

There are still unique constructions methods that make each brand’s shoes different and so picking one can be a daunting task. Here we hook you up with the 7 best shoes to help make your decision a little easier.

DC Men’s Court Graffik SE

The DC Men’s Court Graffik SE is made with leather upper and a rubber sole. The leather is soft yet resilient ready for action. The tongue and collar are foam padded and the tongue is made with mesh to make it extremely lightweight.

The tongue holder is made from spandex giving it some stretch. This shoe is available in 25 styles and features DC’s performance cup sole. The outsole is rugged and along with the thread pattern provides high levels of traction.

If you skate, you will like the maximum protection that the cushioned pillow panels provide to your feet. If you like to wear your skateboarding kicks on a regular day, these are a great pick as they are very fashionable as well as functional as a skate shoe.

The shoes are durable with the ability to last up to three years even when you work them to the core.

The shoes are durable with the ability to last up to three years even when you work them to the core. 

Etnies Men’s Jameson 2 Eco

The Etnies men’s Jameson 2 Eco is made from textile with a rubber sole. It features a thin padded tongue with a collar that is padded as well.  Internally the shoe features an EVA midsole to help the shoe to conform to the shape of your feet.

The footbed is made from level 1 sti foam lite. Made with cup sole construction, this shoe hugs your feet. The rubber outsole is 400nbs and the shoe is available in an incredible lineup of 43 different style options.

Made from heavy canvas and with superb traction on the bottom these are not only suitable for skateboarding which you will love if you like to stay active in a number of other outdoor activities such as asphalt walking, golf etc.

If you like purchasing items that support a worthy cause you will love that Etnies has a ‘buy a shoe, plant a tree reforestation program’. 

Vans Men’s Era Sneaker

The Vans men’s Era sneakers are made with a Tritone canvas upper and a rubber sole. The collar is padded for extra comfort around the ankles. The shoe features vulcanized construction to ensure your comfort and the shoes durability and protection over time.

The era sneaker from Vans has a simple streamlined design while providing the highest quality in comfort and durability that is necessary for a skate shoe.

Available in 24 different styles these are perfect for those skateboarding fashion-forward hipsters.  You will enjoy these shoes if you want shoes that are not just for skateboarding but that can be used for other activities as well.

This way you don’t have to walk around with different shoes as you move from activity to activity. 

DC Men’s Stag 2

The DC men’s Stage 2 is made with leather upper and a rubber sole. It is made in a lace up design and is made of heavy duty leather. There are contrasting texture overlays across the leather upper for aesthetics.

The tongue and collar are padded with foam to provide comfort and stability when the shoes are properly laced up. The outsole features the pill pattern thread design that enhances traction for more stability and to make your skating experience a safe one.

You will love these shoes if you are an everyday skateboarder or one that likes technical footwear. These do need a little breaking in as they will be tight at first but they provide exceptional grip whether on the paved surface or your skateboard.

The leather makes them soft to the touch when you put them on and all the padding makes them super comfortable. 

Adidas Performance Men’s Seeley

The Adidas Performance men’s Seeley is made with a canvas upper that creates a velvety exterior and the sole is made from rubber. It provides the best skating performance in a low profile design.

The upper is abrasion resistant and the outsole is vulcanized to ensure the best in grip. The upper is smooth and the toe is reinforced for your protection. Features a contrast 3 stripe design on the upper and is available in 8 different color variants.

You will love this shoe if you like the walking on air feeling. They are not only comfortable but very rugged with superb traction, protecting your feet from the rigors of skateboarding.

They are so cushioned in the back you will find that if you suffer from Achilles hill these won’t irritate them and cause them to hurt. 

Globe Men’s Fusion-Fabri

The Globe men’s Fusion-Fabri shoe is made with a mix of leather and synthetic material for the upper – hence the “Fusion-Fabri”. The sole is also made from a synthetic material.

It is made in the classic shoe round toe design with perforated underlays and wide lacing.

There is an inner sock integrated into the shoe design and the shoe also has +TPR Ollie reinforcement.

There is also the padded cup sole for additional comfort.

If you love when a shoe manufacturer provides you with options, you will love that these are available in 22 style variants.

If you have ankle pain, you will also love how supportive these are to your ankles as they are designed to hug them and provide support and cushiony stability.

The TPR heel stabilizer also ensures that your ankles are protected as you move through your tricks. 

Nike Stefan Janoski Max Mens Sneakers

The Nike Stefan Janoski Max men’s sneakers are made with mesh and a rubber outsole which is super flexible.

The cup sole is fully stitched and extra durable. This shoe is available in 32 different style variants and is a favorite among even nonskaters for its comfort. They are super lightweight while providing excellent stability and support.

You will love the variety that there is to choose from. It is a skating shoe but it is also great for running or gym training.

This makes it a great pick for those who live a very active fit lifestyle.

It is also greatly suitable for casual wear and for days when you have a lot of errands to run that require a bit of walking.

You will also love the price as it comes in less than a number of other athletic shoes from Nike and other manufacturers as well. 

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Skate shoes are made to protect your feet while you enjoy your session. The best skate shoes provide protection, comfort, stability, traction, support and affordability with a stylish design.

The right shoes for you to use for skating depends on how often you skate and also on your skate style. And while many shoes have the same or similar features they still all will feel or fit differently from person to person.

Our primary purpose here is to help you sift through the many brands and shoes out there and narrow down your decision to the best shoe. From this list, the most versatile pair is the DC Men’s Court Graffik SE shoe.

You expect top quality shoes from DC and this is what you will get if you choose to purchase this shoe.

This shoe has everything that you expect to find in a shoe while still coming in at a price point which won’t break the bank.

The DC men’s Court Graffik SE shoes are the best skateboarding shoes we have come across and we guarantee you will love it and so will your feet.