Top 10 Men’s Walking Shoes – Let Your Feet Feel the Comfort

Recently a longtime male friend of mine was complaining to me about his recent experience with injuries which occurred due to the low-quality and unsuitable footwear that he used for walking.

Now, walking may sound like a simple activity that requires little or no special footwear, but this is definitely not the case.

Not having a great walking shoe can result in knee, ankle or foot injuries.

When you walk, your feet need to remain constantly comfortable and protected to reduce the possibility of getting injured.

Almost all manufacturers of running shoes claim that you’ll receive the highest degree of comfort and durability from their particular brand of shoes. However, this is not always how it goes.

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While it may be very difficult to find that perfect pair of shoes to suit all your footwear requirements, there are several brands that offer great quality, comfort, traction, durability and overall performance from their collection of walking boots.

Subsequently, I’ve pooled together a guide that can assist you in finding the best pair of walking shoes for men to get your game on and experience a new level of walking. Here we go!

#ImageDescriptionPriceRating out of 5
1KEEN Men's Austin Shoe$$4.8
2New Balance Men's MW577$$4.9
3 Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 3$$4.7
4Rockport Men's Eureka$$4.8
5Asics Men's Gel-Tech Walker Neo 4$$4.8
6Reebok Men's Work N Cushion$$4.9
7Brooks Men's Addiction Walker$$$4.7
8Skechers Men's Memory Foam Lace-Up Sneaker$$4.8
9New Balance Men's MW877$$4.9
10Rockport Men's World Tour Classic$$$4.8

What Should You Look for When Buying?

Whether you’re an athlete or just a regular walker, you need shoes that are comfortable for walking at an up-tempo pace and fit your feet perfectly to avoid injuries. Additionally, a shoe should not weigh down your feet while you walk.

It should be lightweight, flexible and should safeguard your feet from harsh impacts with its shock absorption features.

However, you won’t find shoes that possess the exact build and features. Besides, it all depends on what type of activity you’ll be using the shoes for; hiking, marathon or race walking.

As a result, I’ll give you some general tips on what to look for when purchasing your best pair.

Tips for Choosing Best Walking Shoes

  1. The support that the shoe gives you

Most of the support comes from the underfoot midsole of the shoes and the cuff that wraps around the ankle. If you’re hiking, shoes with stiffer midsoles give support and protection to the soles of your feet from rocks or roots poking out from the trail.

As the cuff of the shoes gets higher, it naturally gives your ankle more support for twisting and bending.

In order to determine how much support and flexibility you will garner from that pair of shoes, here are some helpful features to look for:

  • Insole: This provides your feet with great support and cushioning. If you want to use your personal insole, there are some shoes that allow for their insoles to be removed.
  • Midsole: This feature also supplies you with great comfort and cushioning. It also provides shock absorption which safeguards your feet from any harsh impacts.
  • Ankle collar: Your ankles need to be always protected from injuries. Consequently, an ankle collar aims to cushion your ankle and gives you the right fit.
  • Roll bar: This helps to maintain the stability of your feet if it should lean inwards as your feet hits the ground.
  • Gel pad: Also cushions your feet.

The gel pad and roll bar features are limited in some shoes. In order for you to attain that level of comfort, I’d suggest that you choose a pair of shoes for walking that has those features.

Nevertheless, the other features will still provide you with excellent comfort and flexibility.  

  1. The materials that it’s made of

When it comes on to the material, a lined shoe with water-resistance is ideal for rainy conditions or for crossing streams while a more breathable shoe will be better for keeping cool in warmer weather.

As far as weight is concerned, softer and lighter weight shoes are often comfortable right out of the box and won’t tire you out on long hikes.

But, for heavier loads, stiffer materials give you more support and last longer. Just be sure to break them in before your first big trip.

Here, I’ll provide you with a list of materials that you can get:

  • Leather: Allows for water-resistance and extreme ankle protection.
  • Mesh-like materials: These enable a better airflow to keep your feet cool. However, they don’t keep water out.

Walking versus Running Shoes

From ever since there has been a never-ending debate on whether running shoes can be worn by walkers. However, at your initial view of walking and running shoes, you’ll notice that they seem quite similar.

If you take a closer foot at both activities (walking and running), along with the requirements they lay onto your feet, you’ll see the difference between them.

Even though running shoes can be used by walkers, walking shoes are never to be used in running as they do not provide suitable cushioning and support for a sport with a greater impact.

The way in which the shoe fits is of great importance for both runners and walkers. In fact, a perfect walking or running shoe allows for an undisturbed stride and provides cushioning and stability.


Walking shoes are crafted with the primary focus on a particular body mechanism and strike-path of walking. They are made to give more flexibility through the ball of the foot to permit a more extensive range of movement through the roll of the forefoot.

In addition, they possess more support for your arch to safeguard the area of the foot where the force is greatest.

On the other hand, running shoes provide more cushioning to your heels, all the way to the ball of your foot. Whenever you run, more heat is produced inside of the shoes. Hence, they are made with mesh-like materials that allow for the proper cooling of the feet.

  • Design & Weight

When compared to walking shoes, running shoes possess a lighter weight which allows runners to move at a quicker pace. Due to the high demand of running shoes over walking shoes, a tendency is made by manufacturers of running shoes to offer a wider array of colors and designs.

  • Motion Control

In a running stride, the problems of supination and pronation are greatly highlighted. Most running shoes provide users with several motion control characteristics to help the foot to remain in a more equitable path of motion. With walking shoes, you will not get the exact level of stability as with running shoes.

  • Sole

There’s a tendency of running shoes to possess a sturdier sole. Because of this, walkers will assert that running shoes obstruct their ability to achieve a natural manner of walking. A walking shoe is easily bent if you should grip its heel and toe.

  • Heel Wedges

To bring shock absorption in running, most running shoes are equipped with stiff heel wedges. Besides, these offer runners with more cushioning, but they can result in a wobbling movement of the foot for walkers. This can cause shin splints for some walkers, or even Achilles Tendinitis.

The thicker the sole is the greater the possibility of the walker tripping.  Walkers strike the ground with their heel while runners land on their forefoot or midsole.

The heels of walking shoes are slanted to accommodate the way in which walkers strike the ground on their heels.

Here You Go – Reviews of the Top 10

KEEN Men’s Austin Shoe

The Keen Men’s Austin shoe is the perfect shoe for walking and casual play at the end of the day. It offers the same level of comfort that you’d expect from a Keen shoe thanks to the removable metatomical footbed. Therefore, you can wear them all day and relax in padded style.

The lining features a refined leather collar with a moisture-wicking synthetic lining along the interior to keep your feet breathing and dry.

Because of its water-resistant uppers, you can conduct your walking routines in any weather condition, whether wet or dry and still have dry feet. Amazing, isn’t it?

The Austin shoe sports patented toe protection which helps to minimize wear through uneven terrains like uneven streets or unseen obstructions. So, even if you accidentally bump into the curb, you may look silly but you won’t add injury to insult.

Verdict: The Keen Austin shoe is a versatile urban shoe that’s as tough as most athletic footwear. But, with the added benefit of its unique style, you can look and feel great!

New Balance Men’s MW577

If you’re an athlete who is devoted to achieving your goals, the new balance is your final stop. They help to tackle foot fatigue and avert joint pains by wearing the most suitable shoe for whichever walking-related activity you may engage in.

These walking shoes are equipped with a well-made toe box which makes them comfortable and easy to wear during sustained walks and everyday use.

Because of the 577’s walk-specific comfort footbed, you can enjoy long walks around the city or even in your backyard, injury-free! Also, its ABZORB cushioning in the heel offers added comfort and amazing shock absorption by helping your feet to remain in a comfortable position while you walk.

If you like to catch the eyes of persons passing by, the 577 possess reflective detailing which enhances your visibility. Its polyurethane midsole provides your feet with great cushioning to keep you stable.

These walking boots are available in black and white. Black for easy cleaning and white to give you a more visibility.

Verdict: The men’s New Balance MW577 helps to fight against foot and ankle problems by providing its users with a wide range of safety features. If it’s superior cushioning and support that you desire, the 577 is your breadwinner.

Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3

The Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 stands up to its name by offering a seamless combination of style and performance. This pair is on my list of the best walking shoes for men for a reason.

A mesh-like material is used to construct these shoes to keep your feet breathable and moisture-free. Because of its slip-on construction, you can get into them easily. Just slip them on and you’re ready to go!

Its lightweight construction keeps your feet unburdened as you walk. There is nothing worse that wearing shoes that pulls you back because of their heaviness.

In addition, it has a cushioned footbed which features Goga Mat technology that pampers your feet all day long. This way, you can be ensured that your days of foot injuries are long gone.

These Skechers walking shoes also sport Resalyte technology midsole that protect your feet from any impact that may occur.

Having a good fit in a shoe is crucial. No one wants to be uncomfortable throughout their walking-related activities. This shoe has a Memory Foam padded heel which provides a comfortable fit for your feet. This way you can smile all day!

Verdict: The Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 3 is the perfect candidate for cushioning and overall foot protection. These shoes can keep you going all day without the hindrance of heaviness or feet-related injuries.

Rockport Men’s Eureka

If you want to have a pair of shoes that offers a great blend of comfort and a casual look, then the Eureka is the one for you. You’ll never have to accept standards that are lower than your desires.

Enjoy a full day of comfort and relaxation with the heel stability, well-made tongue padding and removable footbed that the Eureka offers. This way, you can increase your stability and ankle and feet protection on your walks.

It possesses a sturdy design which entails a sporty look and full-grained leather upper for a great appearance. Its mesh lining and interior padding keep your feet cool and breathable while creating a “comfortable hammock” for them to relax in.

Also, because of its moisture-wicking mesh lining, your feet can stay dry all day. No one wants to have smelly feet! That’s exactly what the Eureka prevents.

For situations where you have to make deep steps, the rubber sole ensures that your feet are well-cushioned for those fairly steep terrains.

Verdict: Comprehensively, the Rockport Men’s Eureka aims to make certain of the protection and comfort of its users. With its wide array of safety and cushioning features, your feet will love you for purchasing them.

Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4

Take every step with confidence and easy with the incredible Asics Men’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 on.

They feature a biomorphic fit upper which has stretch materials that have been strategically placed on the upper to help reduce buckling and the potential for air rotation.

It has the breathable mesh with synthetic overlays which will leave you with nice, fresh feet. It also features a lace-up design which allows for a secure fit, along with a padded collar for added cushioning.

The Gel-Tech also features the 3M reflectivity for more visibility in low-light conditions if you decide to go walking after dark. Because of its nicely-cushioned footbed that features a rear and forefoot Gel cushioning system, you’ll get lots of comfort and support when walking or running.

There’s also a removable footbed which is a great option to add your custom orthotic if you like. With the Gel-Tech’s breathable mesh lining, you’ll get nice, fresh feet even after a long day.

Verdict: Look and feel great with these shoes on. With their unique reflectivity technology, you can go walking even in low light conditions. There are a lot of other features that accompany this shoe that will keep you comfortable and safeguarded. Get yours today! 

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Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion

If style is where your attention lies regarding footwear, the Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion is just the right fit for you. These are available in black and white, which are standard colors that can be worn with any color garment.

It sports adjustable hook and strap for easy slip-on or off. This way you can quickly remove them after a long day at work or quickly get them on if you’re running late. Additionally, it has a padded tongue and collar which provide extra support for your feet.

It is very typical for persons to fall due to liquid spills. Because of the oil-and-slip resistant outsole of the Work N Cushion, you can avoid slipping and falling. A lack of these features can result in severe body injuries.

This shoe has a beveled heel construction which allows for a more improved walking posture and stride. In other words, you won’t feel unbalance while you walk. You’ll be kept in a straight and secure line of motion.

Verdict: All in all, the Reebok Men’s Work N Cushion offer great features to keep customers happy. Features such as oil-and-slip resistance and adjustable hook and strap all aim to help users experience what a shoe for walking should feel like.

Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker

Do you want to remain comfortable and well-composed when doing your casual walks? If so, this is your final stop.

First of all, this shoe has what I call the progressive diagonal roll bar that provides you with great support. So, when your foot is going from the outside and it wants to move inwards a little bit too much, it’s going to help correct you and keep you through a pleasant and neutral path.

That means that when you’re on your feet all day, you’re not going to get those same stress-related injuries that you can experience if you don’t have that stability.

Other features include the cushioning system on the heels which results in less fatigue at the end of the day. Most of all, this shoe provides comfort through its uppers. It is soft from the top right through to the base and helps to keep your feet flat and cozy.

Its leather is soft and gives a comfortable feel around the foot. This means that if even if you have various toe defects, this shoe will fit your feet comfortable.

Verdict: Whether you’ll be engaging in long-or-short distance walks, you’ll get the comfort and support that you need from this shoe.

Skechers Men’s Memory Foam Lace-Up Sneaker

Are you tired of always experiencing pains due to walking shoes? If yes, I want to introduce you to the Skechers Men’s Memory Foam Lace-Up Sneaker.

The heels on these sneakers measure just 1.75 inches. Therefore, you can feel grounded and stable while you walk. It is designed with mesh upper and overlay which allow fresh air to get into the shoes. Your feet will stay fresh and cool all throughout the day.

The Memory Foam Lace-Up sneaker also has shock absorption features to protect your feet from harsh impacts. This feature will safeguard your ankles, toes, and feet.

Because of the professionally designed Memory Foam that is implemented into these Skechers shoes, your feet are cradled as you take each step. These shoes also have an Articu-Lyte midsole for maximum absorption.

Imagine that you can get steady traction because of the flexible rubber sole that is included with these shoes. You no longer have to worry about tilting over while you walk because of low-quality shoes.

Verdict: If you want to experience unsurpassed comfort in a sporty design, the Skechers Men’s Memory Foam Lace-Up Sneaker will help you to achieve that. 

New Balance Men’s MW877

New Balance has been a longtime manufacturer of some of the best quality shoes. However, the Men’s MW877 is no exception.

This shoe is made with an incredibly soft suede material and breathable mesh panels that allow for excellent ventilation. Your feet will remain moist-free and cool even after long walks.

There’s a lot of cushioning around the collar area as well as in the tongue for your feet to dwell properly in. This high level of cushioning puts your feet at ease while bringing you the highest degree of comfort possible.

If you want to use your own custom Orthotic, this shoe features a removable footbed for some added cushioning. The shock absorption and cushioning that the midsole offers help to keep the weight down. The ABZORB midsole technology also helps to provide additional comfort for your feet.

There’s a nice flat platform on the outsole which has a Walking Strike Path to keep you on a straight and narrow plane.

If you like showing off the brand of your shoes, there are seamless logos at the sides of the shoes to let people know that you’re rocking shoes from New Balance.

Verdict: This incredibly sporty New Balance shoe won’t let you down. It offers a huge amount of cushioning to keep your feet relaxed and comfortable. Besides, this is a very important feature to have in shoes.  Hurry and get yours right away! 

Rockport Men’s World Tour Classic

In the world of men’s shoes, the World Tour line of footwear is a giant of Rockport. Equipped with a smooth fit and Rockport walking platform construction, these shoes will give you whatever it takes to go the extra mile.

This great shoe will give you hours of comfort no matter how long you wear it. It features the tradition lace-up design which allows your feet to be securely seated in them. It also has external stitching throughout the body, which means more durability.

These shoes have padding on the tongue and collar to provide a truckload of comfort to users. If you want to use your customized insoles, you can remove the ones in these shoes and replace them with your own.

The stock insoles of the World Tour Classic are perforated for breathability and contoured for a bit of comfort. This can give your hours of cushioning.

The midsole is very thick and goes the whole length of the shoe. This gives you a lot of shock absorption to the heels to the toes. Moreover, this shoe has a great thread pattern with flex screws for added flexibility.

Verdict: Comfort has never been so fashionable, thanks to the Men’s World Tour Classic from Rockport. With such an amazing but simple design, you’ll be astonished at seeing the amount of comfort and durability that you’ll get from these shoes. Why are you still sitting there? Go and get yours now! 

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Conclusion – Best Pair

Due to the wide variety of shoes that are available for purchase today, finding the one that suits you best is almost impossible. In truth, it all depends on features that you want to have.

Shoes are offered in different brands, styles, colors and patterns. So whether you’re an athlete or just a normal walker, you’ll have a wide variety to choose from.

A wide variety usually means a more challenging task to find your perfect fit.

These shoes are great for persons who want to remain comfortable, flexible and stable while performing their walking routines. They can provide great comfort for walking at an up-tempo pace and fit your feet perfectly to avoid injuries.

From all the review pairs above I’d recommend the KEEN Men’s Austin Shoe because of its water-resistance features. The others lack this attribute, which I think is vital to have.

Who knows? It can start raining at any time of the day. I’m almost certain that you wouldn’t want your shoes to be soaking wet after a day’s walk.

Different Types of Walking Shoe

Cushioned Shoes

It is customary that shoes for walking don’t cause your feet to hit the ground with a great force when compared to running shoes. Hence, there’s not much need for cushioning in the heels. Instead, cushioned shoes place focus on providing cushioning underneath the ball of the feet.

Cushioned shoes often have soft midsoles and less support, but still manage to provide great flexibility.

If your ankle rolls too far inward during each step during your stride, your feet will require sufficient cushioning. Why? Because cushioned walking shoes are not suitable for repairing feet rotation.

For persons who have high arches, these shoes would do a great deal of good.

Stability Shoes

The main aim of stability shoes is to provide users with excellent support and durability. There are persons who want the maximum amount of cushioning and control, so stability shoes provide that luxurious underfoot experience and a system of stability control features that keep them on track while walking.

Stability shoes usually come with a thick heel. However, walkers wouldn’t really require that. They are designed specifically for mid-weight individuals and those who don’t possess any motion-control-related problems.

Performance Shoes

As the name suggests, these shoes provide you with an excellent rendition on your walks, whether long or short. These shoes are lightweight and flexible to help athletes perform at top speed. However, they may not sufficiently cushion your feet on longer walks.

If you’re a heavy walker, you may notice that they become worn-out quite easily. Comprehensively, they are not for regular walks. This is so because they lack durability and sufficient cushioning.

Motion Control Shoes

Motion control shoes are mostly designed for runners. In comparison to running, walking doesn’t require shoes with thick heels.

Accidents or foot fatigue can be a result of over-pronation if not treated as soon as possible. This is a biomechanical problem that flat-footed athletes usually experience. Motion control shoes can aid in improving their running performance while remaining comfortable and stable.

Motion control shoes are equipped with sturdier heels than shoes that focus more on support and provide greater pronation correction or control.

There are also superior cushioning mechanisms that are featured in this type of shoes that provide a more secure midsole for more overall support. However, the flexibility offered by these shoes is reduced.

Race-walking Shoes

If you choose to engage in race-walking, the type of shoes that you wear will be an important factor in how you perform.

In running, comfort is of the greatest importance. In considering that the 50-kilometer racing events would exceed a complete marathon of 26.2 miles, you may end up considering the exact shoes that would be employed in running.

So, for race walking, shoes with extreme flexibility will be required. Not to mention how lightweight they should be. Race-walking shoes have flat heels but are thick enough to absorb some of the force that you’ll bring to the ground while you make your strides.

Walking a 20-mile race-walking marathon is not easy for your feet. Therefore, race-walking shoes provide you with additional cushioning and support to keep you comfortable all throughout the journey.

Final Words

My recommendation is that you read our reviews and purchase one of the best walking shoe today. Don’t allow common, low-quality shoes to hinder your ability to perform at an optimal pace.

Enjoy your walks in comfort, style, and great relaxation.